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How to choose living room sofa

How to choose living room sofa the living room sofa is very important to our living environment. Whether it's material, color or style, it must give people a comfortable feeling. So how to choose the living room sofa? Now let's look at the living room sofa shopping skills.

Notes on sofa selection in living room

Choose sofa according to the size of living room

When choosing sofas, families should consider the actual size of their living room. Don't buy a sofa because it's beautiful. As a result, if you can't put it down, you will be embarrassed. Therefore, when choosing the sofa, first measure the actual length of the living room wall. If you want to choose the corner position, you must make sure that the door is on the left or right, so as to avoid the phenomenon that buying back is not appropriate.

According to the living habits of the family

After all, the frequency of use is very high, whether it is watching TV or receiving guests, we need to use the sofa. Therefore, we must take into account the family's living habits. For example, the father relies on watching TV, can choose with a pillow sofa, but more people can choose mobile sofa.

Pay attention to the quality of sofa

The service life of the sofa is directly proportional to the quality, so when choosing the sofa, we must be careful. Don't just look at style, not quality. For example, the elasticity of the sofa sponge is good or bad. If you sit on it and have a good feeling, is it comfortable. In addition, such as the quality of the sofa cover, whether the wooden frame has peculiar smell and so on, can judge the overall quality of the sofa. It is suggested to choose the sofa with high brand awareness.

Is it easy to clean and maintain

The sofa is often used, it is easy to get dirty. So be sure to consider whether it is easy to clean. For example, the sofa cover is detachable, and the cloth and leather are easy to clean. The city will save a lot of worries for the future.

Sofa color matching with living room

The living room sofa is not only comfortable to sit, the color looks more to be coordinated with the overall style and color, so that there is no sense of violation, and it will also add color to the living room.