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How to give first aid after summer heat stroke? First aid measures for heatstroke in summer

Summer heat waves hit, the whole country has entered the barbecue mode, for some people who are not particularly good physically, it is easy to get heatstroke, so how to carry out first aid after summer heatstroke? Summer heatstroke first aid measures must be learned!

First aid for heatstroke

1. Transfer the patient to a cool place

The patient should be moved away from the high temperature place quickly. It's better to choose a cool and ventilated place nearby. Then, let the patient lie on his back and unbutton his clothes. At the same time, let his feet improve. This will help to increase the blood supply of the patient's brain and play the role of heat dissipation.

2. Cooling the patient

Cover the forehead of the patient with a cold towel. If possible, wipe the whole body with alcohol, white wine, ice water or cold water, and then blow with a fan or electric fan to accelerate heat dissipation. Pay attention to moderation to avoid cold.

Note: do not quickly cool down the patient. When the patient's temperature drops below 38 ℃, stop blowing and sprinkling cold water and other forced cooling methods.

3. Replenish water after the patient is awake

If the patient is awake, they should be supplemented with cool drinks containing salt or baking soda.

Note: it is not suitable to add a lot of water, otherwise it will cause abdominal pain, vomiting and nausea and other uncomfortable symptoms. Do not drink coffee or alcohol.

4. If the patient has lost consciousness

It can press his middle acupoint and Hegu acupoint to restore his consciousness. If the patient stops breathing, artificial respiration should be done in time.

5. Severe heatstroke patients

That is, patients with high fever, coma, convulsion and other symptoms must call 120 immediately and send to hospital for treatment. During the waiting for rescue, the patient should lie on his back with his head tilted back to keep breathing smooth.

6. Carrying patients with severe heatstroke on stretcher

We should use stretcher to transport the patients with severe heatstroke, and apply ice bag to the forehead, back head spoon, chest, elbow socket and thigh root of the patients during the transportation, so as to achieve the cooling effect during the transportation.

The above introduces the symptoms of heatstroke and the first-aid methods for heatstroke. No matter whether you are prone to heatstroke or not, learning these common sense will do no harm to you.