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Iqiyi how to change membership

Iqiyi how to change membership

How can iqiyi change its membership? Don't know how to exchange friends, the following small make up for you to bring container card exchange member activity strategy, and then look down.

How to change the membership of iqiyi

If you want to exchange iqiyi members for free, you can go to the activity page through the link: h5.html?social_ platform=wechat_ friend p1=2_ 22_ 221 fv=zz_ 57b2d4c27f403-61616649-185

Among them, as long as you collect five cards of'm ','u','s','I ','c', you can synthesize spirit cards and get rewards!

The way of container truck is not complicated. It can be extracted at the bottom of the activity interface. Ordinary users are limited to once a day, and VIP users are limited to twice a day. If you can't, you can choose to buy the card directly!

That's how iqiyi changed its membership? Iqiyi collection card exchange member activities all content.