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How to respect and help the elderly

Every year, the Double Ninth Festival is the old man's day. It is suitable to organize the old people to participate in some tourism activities such as climbing the heights. Children send the old people double ninth cakes, double ninth wine, and grandchildren offer longevity peaches. This ceremony reappears the old people's custom since ancient times in our country. It is suitable for both rich and simple, and focuses on expressing the heart. It is intended to change the way of honoring the old that the present birthday party only has banquet but not etiquette.

Etiquette for elders

(1) always be grateful. As children, we should not forget our parents' nurturing kindness, and try to repay them both materially and spiritually. In the eyes of the old, children always seem to be children, so even if the old people nag, they should never tire of it.

(2) do not interfere in the private affairs of the elderly. The old man also has his own social space and human relations, and his own emotional sustenance. As the younger generation, he can't be replaced by others. Children should take care of each other for the happiness of the old people in their later years, and avoid rude interference.

(3) be considerate in details. Often Shuhan warm, greeting and serving, timely add clothes, prepare medicine, celebrate birthday and report happiness; try to help parents sweep the floor, brush bowls; chat with them, take a walk, rub shoulders, beat waist.

Respect for the aged

Don't sweep the broom at the old man

Sweeping the floor is very learned. Do not sweep in the direction of the elderly. At any time, the broom should be waved in its own direction. It should be swept back, not in the direction of the elderly.

[should walk behind the old man]

Modern society is a competitive society, but when modern people talk about civilization and etiquette, sometimes they have to give up the priority, especially when they are with the elderly and elders. Whether it's cycling or walking, as a young generation, we should pay attention not to walk in front of the elderly and elders, which is disrespectful. If a slow-moving stranger blocks your way, you should politely apologize to the old man and then borrow the way.

[ask the old man first when ordering]

People like to have a big meal in the restaurant on New Year's day, but when ordering, many people don't pay attention to the rules. Before the old man spoke, he greeted the waiter with the recipe: 'have a spicy chicken!' but this kind of behavior is very impolite. First of all, you should let the old man speak at any time, and order by yourself after the old man orders. In this process, we should pay more attention to asking the old people whether they should avoid eating, 'can we eat spicy food, can we eat sweet food'. Start little by little and give more care to the elderly.

Don't mention "old" in front of the old

Some people don't pay much attention to the elders. They often call themselves "Lao Wang" or "Lao Li" by calling themselves "Lao", or lament that "time doesn't spare people", which will lead the elders to feel sad and disrespectful for their old age and infirmity. It should also be noted that there are many old people who don't like others to say that they are old, and the old people like others to think that they are still in the right year, so they should be cautious to use the word "old" when addressing the old people.

Etiquette of respecting the old in Yanbian

Yanbian people have always regarded respect for the elderly as an extremely important etiquette in their family and even in the whole social life. In their daily life, they take care of the elderly. August 15 is Yanbian's old people's day. Now let's count the etiquette of respecting the old in Yanbian.

1. There are three levels of Korean language, namely 'respect level', 'equal level' and 'humble level'. When speaking to the elders, we must use 'respect level', and the end of the language is full of Smecta.

2. In the banquet, take seats and pour wine according to age. Only after the elders raise their glasses, the rest can raise their glasses in turn.

3. The younger generation can't drink in front of the elder generation. If they want to drink, they should turn around to drink.

4. The younger generation can't smoke in front of the elder, let alone fight with the elder.

5. When they are on the same road with the elderly, the young must walk behind the elderly. If there is an urgent matter that must be ahead of schedule, they should respectfully explain the reason to the elderly.

6. When the elderly come face to face on the way, the young should respectfully stand by the roadside to say hello and make way.

7. When young people toast or receive and deliver things to the elderly, they must do so with both hands. If you use one hand to connect, you should lift the other hand to your chest and make a gesture of two hands to connect.