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How to form the blue ice waterfall in Jiuzhaigou?

Jiuzhaigou, as a famous tourist attraction in China, was forced to stop the opening of the scenic area and start its natural recovery process after the earthquake. Recently, there was a blue ice waterfall in Jiuzhaigou, which is really beautiful!

Blue ice is one of the six wonders of Jiuzhaigou. In recent days, the temperature around Jiuzhaigou is around - 5 ℃. In the scenic area, there is a huge ice curtain hanging on the steep rock wall. It is blue and clear, strange and colorful, crystal clear, just like the natural art ice sculpture, which makes people imagine & hellip;

The formation of blue ice waterfall comes from the tiny bubbles in the ice. The blue light wavelength is short and scattered, which makes the ice appear blue. In the quiet fairy tale world, the warm and peaceful white snow world and the blue and clear water scenery, jointly perform the holy winter rhyme, jointly construct the fixed time and space, arouse people's hearts and soul, and lead people's feelings and spirits.

Against the background of ice and snow, the Jiuzhaigou scenic area is covered in pure silver, exquisite and transparent. The sun shines on the lakes of Jiuzhaigou, which are sparkling. Some colorful lakes also have different shapes and thicknesses of white ice and ice flowers.