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White socks dyeing how to wash white socks dyeing Cleaning Tips

White socks dyeing how to wash white socks dyeing Cleaning Tips

Sometimes socks and other colored clothes are washed or the inside of shoes fade, which can cause white socks to be dyed. Dyed socks are difficult to wash clean, the following teach you some methods to solve.

How did white sock be dyed to do

1. Soak in ginger water

White socks wear for a long time will appear black spots, can take some fresh ginger mashed into the pot, and then add 1 jin of water boiling, a little cool into the washing basin, and then soak the white socks about 10 minutes, and then repeatedly rub several times, so that the black spots on the socks can be eliminated.

2. 84 disinfectant

This 84 disinfectant can be bought in general supermarkets. Dilute the disinfectant with boiling water, and then soak the socks in it. Within 15 minutes, the color of the socks will recover.

3. Soaking in hydrogen peroxide

Put some cold water in the basin. It doesn't need too much water. You can submerge socks. Then pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into the basin. The reference ratio is 1:10, a portion of hydrogen peroxide, and then stir well. The sock can be soaked in it for 5 minutes to solve the problem of sock dyeing.

4. Wash the soap repeatedly

You can wet the dyed part first, then apply it with soap, scrub and clean it again, and then rub it with soap again. After repeated several times, take a transparent plastic bag to pack the socks with soapy water, then put them in the sun for an hour, and then take them out and wash them. So the socks are clean.

Precautions for using socks

1. If you want to wear white socks, the inner color of the shoes is also white, which will not cause the problem of dyeing. It is recommended to wear socks of what color is inside the shoes.

2. If you wear white or light colored socks, you need to change them every day and wash them immediately after changing them. Don't think about washing them in a few days.

3. When washing wool socks, first cut the neutral soap with less alkali into soap pieces, put it into hot water to dissolve, and then put the socks in the water after the water cools down, soak them, and then gently scrub them with hands.

4. The special ultra-fine microporous structure in bamboo fiber socks makes them have strong adsorption capacity, which can absorb formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and other harmful substances in the air, and eliminate bad odor.

5. If it's silk stockings, nylon stockings, etc., wash them at 40 & deg; The following soapy water gently rub, wash time can't force fierce rub.