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How to deal with the fishy floor tiles many families are reacting that their floor tiles are beginning to smell fishy. What is the reason? How to remove the smell? Let's have a look.

The cause of floor tile stinking

Floor tile stink mostly appears in polished brick, the reason is that in the production process of polished brick, the surface of the brick is damaged after polishing, which makes the surface easy to seep. If you don't pay attention to it when you mop the floor, it will easily seep into the interior of the floor tile.

Of course, the odor comes from mops. After using the mop cloth, it was not dried in time (or air dried), and algae grew on the cloth, which was mainly caused by the excess nutrients in the water. At this time, mopping the floor will leave this smell on the polished brick or infiltrate it.

How does floor tile send fishy to do

1. After wiping the floor tiles, the mop should be dried in time, and it is best to use disinfectant to eliminate the poison.

2. When mopping the floor, you can add a little vinegar in the water and add a little vinegar in the water with washing powder to clean the floor tiles. It can not only remove the fishy smell, but also make the floor tiles look brighter and clean.

3. Raise some green plants in the home, the floor brick has fishy smell, mainly because the air in the room is not circulating, not fresh enough; A few pots of green plants can not only increase the humidity in the room, but also purify the environment.

4. First use the washing powder, spread some on the ground, and then use the mop. Mop the floor and wash the mop at the same time.

5. Take a look at whether there are some things that may cause fishy smell before floor mop, especially some fish, or meat, or animal viscera. Check it first.

6. You can add more bactericide. If there is a fishy smell, it means that there are certain things that are easy to stink. At this time, it is also easy to breed bacteria. Or other microbes that can cause all kinds of bacteria. Disinfection is definitely necessary.

7. Change a new mop, drag a few more times, and then rinse with water and drag again. Basically, it should be able to eliminate the fishy smell quickly.

8. Use some lemonade to remove bacteria and odor.

9. Put some activated carbon at home, can effectively absorb the odor in the room.

10. Second, windows are often opened to facilitate the evaporation of water on the surface of the brick body and prevent it from seeping into the brick body.