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Does Qiu Yingying's premarital sex not deserve true love? Is premarital sex not self love?

in Episode 16, Qiu YingYing and Ying Qin, originally sweet and sweet, are in great crisis because of their "virginity complex".

In the lively chat, Qu Xiaoxiao said to Guan Ju'er, 'you are the only girl on the 22nd floor & hellip; & hellip;' he should often hear that and then his face changed. He said to Qiu Yingying, 'let's talk outside. '

After chatting, Qiu Yingying cried out and hugged her sister. She said wrongly, 'he asked me if I was a virgin. '

Qu Xiaoxiao is very angry after hearing this. He is chasing after him and should fight hard.

Fan shengmei also asked Ying Qin, "do you think premarital sex is not self love?"

You should often ask angrily, 'don't you feel ashamed to talk about this kind of thing here with an unrelated man?', and then you will not contact Qiu Yingying again.

Netizens exclaim,

Always is warm man to set should frequently unexpectedly is a 'straight man cancer'!

Because of the problem of 'chastity', I changed my face,

This idea is terrible!

In reality,

A recent speech in a college lecture:

#The best dowry for a girl is chastity#

It is also controversial on the Internet.

Recently, a netizen on Weibo said,

The traditional culture held by Jiujiang University was introduced into the public lecture on campus,

"Women's clothes are exposed and easy to lose" mentioned by the keynote speaker Ding Xuan

"The best dowry for a girl is virginity" is controversial

In response, a reporter confirmed that Jiujiang University Party Committee Publicity Department, staff said that the school did hold this public lecture, but the controversial discourse pictures revealed online were not the contents of the lecture on that day. The staff stressed that 'there was no improper comment during the lecture. '

According to the reporter, the lecture was held in the lecture hall of Yifu Library of Jiujiang University on the afternoon of May 14, with the theme of "traditional culture into campus public lecture - to be my fair lady in the new era". The main speaker was Ding Xuan, lecturer of traditional culture public welfare of China women's Federation foundation.

After the debate, Jiujiang University issued a public statement saying that "the purpose of the lecture is to enhance students' sense of responsibility and mission to inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture. Mr. Ding Xuan's lecture aims to guide the female college students in school to be upright, self-respect and self love, and find the key to a happy life. At the same time, it is emphasized that the lecture is organized by students' voluntary participation. '

For the pictures uploaded in the microblog, the content of several ppt discourses is controversial. For example, women's clothes are exposed: it's the dilapidated appearance of the parents, husbands and descendants of Shangke, which the world has to guard against. "The best dowry for a woman is chastity. "It's very vulgar to be exposed. Not only the right and wrong, but also the disease, disaster, easy to break, easy to lose. '

In response, Jiujiang University said in a public statement that "some netizens published the lecture contents of Mr. Ding Xuan out of context, and some PPT pictures were not used in our school. "There is no anti party, anti socialism and anti socialist core values in the lecture. '

The reporter contacted the students of Jiujiang University who listened to the lecture on the spot. Some students said that the lecture was about women's morality. They said that "women should learn self-respect and self love. They gave many examples. Then they said that women should behave appropriately, dress appropriately and not be too exposed.". '

The reporter noted that Jiujiang University once issued the lecture notice on May 9, introducing the speaker Ding Xuan as the lecturer of traditional culture public welfare of China Women's Federation foundation, executive vice president of Hebei Traditional Culture Research Association, senior women's work management cadre, female ethics culture research scholar, Female Ethics and etiquette senior expert and teacher, who has been awarded the honorary title of "good military sister-in-law" by the armed police headquarters.

The notice mentioned that in recent years, Ding Xuan has been abroad and invited by domestic moral lecture halls at all levels, labor unions, women's federations, universities, enterprises and private organizations to make more than a few hundred voluntary speeches. The main themes of the lecture are: 'women's virtue is the key of Qi's family', 'how women want to live together', 'women's etiquette and cultivation', 'how to be a good woman' and 'women's wisdom', etc.

The reporter searched the relevant public videos of 'Ding Xuan' and found that many enterprises, institutions and schools had invited him to give lectures, including Kaifeng women's Federation of Henan Province, Kaifeng No.21 middle school, etc.

Some of the PPT content exposed on the Internet can be found in its public videos, such as' women's clothes are exposed, which is a very vulgar performance. It's easy to attract people to eat ghosts, talk about what's right and what's wrong. It's easy to get sick and disaster, and it's easy to lose money. 'only some of the words have been changed in different occasions.

On the one hand, Jiujiang University came out to clarify that these remarks were not said in the University, but a person who claimed to be the victim came out to 'face' and stressed that these photos are facts, saying that for their own safety, the original text has been deleted, and Jiujiang University's notice and content of the lecture have not been found.

However, these photos have been backed up and transmitted by many netizens. Many netizens criticized them for being pedantic: 'I heard it's the 21st century', 'the school is vigorously promoting female morality. Is it the next step to wrap up her feet' & hellip; & hellip; and even alerted the foreign media. The website of Singapore's Lianhe Morning Post reported on this matter.

On this topic,

Comments on the Internet are also split:

Do Qiu Yingying, who has premarital sex, not deserve true love?

Is it wrong for honest people to be diligent?

What's your opinion?