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How to keep it after opening Maotai in Guizhou? Is Maotai worth collecting?

Maotai in Guizhou Province has always been a model of Chinese liquor industry, and it is also a kind of Maotai flavor liquor that people like to collect. Is there any value for collection in Guizhou Moutai? This year, the price of a bottle of Guizhou Moutai even soared to the limit, so how can Maotai liquor be preserved after opening?

Maotai liquor is honored as "national liquor". It has the characteristics of clear and transparent color, mellow fragrance, soft and soft taste, crisp and sweet taste, and long-lasting fragrance. People call the unique flavor of Maotai as "Maoxiang", which is the most perfect typical style of Chinese sauce flavor. How to open Maotai in Guizhou?

How to open Maotai in Guizhou

Standard opening method of Maotai liquor: open the wine box and take out Maotai liquor (bottle) Open the (red) metal belt on the cap of Maotai wine bottle, and then open the anti-counterfeiting rubber sleeve on the cap Open the cap of the wine bottle.

How to keep Maotai liquor for a long time

Maotai liquor is forbidden to be stored in the soil. In ancient times, it was said that daughter Hong was yellow wine and Maotai was white wine. The reason why old wine is valuable is that the harmful substances such as methanol and formaldehyde in wine are exhausted through volatilization and chemical changes due to long-term storage.

1. Choose containers. Glass bottles are not good (too airtight). Purple sand cans are not good (too big holes). This is the best kind of pottery or porcelain pot with compact structure. These materials are dense, leak free but slightly porous, and small molecules can penetrate.

2. Seal to keep the bottle sealed. The wine is volatile and can only be sealed properly. 2. The temperature is appropriate to maintain the activity of microorganisms in the wine. Occasionally (preferably not) the light is good and cannot be exposed to the sun. The temperature is between 3-23 & deg;. 3. Maotai needs to be kept in the first floor or the second floor. In addition, it needs to throw away the daylight Lip;

Is Maotai valuable for collection?

Maotai liquor is honored as "national liquor". It has the characteristics of clear and transparent color, mellow fragrance, soft and soft taste, crisp and sweet taste, and long-lasting fragrance. People call the unique fragrance of Maotai as "Maoxiang", which is the most perfect model of Chinese sauce flavor style..

Since the founding of the people's Republic of China, Maotai liquor has been presented as a national gift to foreign leaders in numerous major activities. Since ancient times, there are countless scholars who yearn for and praise Maotai. It is no exaggeration to say that every small 'side' of Maotai liquor has rich cultural and historical stories and profound cultural accumulation and humanistic value. It is like a fragrant business card, concrete Maotai liquor and abstract 'humanities' issued by China to the world. While letting the world know about itself with intoxicating fragrance, it also displays the charm and charm of Chinese liquor culture to the world vividly, so that it can understand China and Chinese culture.

Maotai liquor is made of local eunuo sorghum with wheat as high temperature starter, and the quantity of starter is more than that of raw material. This is the important reason of Maotai Liquor's unique style and excellent quality. Maotai liquor needs to be brewed through two times of cutting, nine times of cooking, eight times of spreading and adding koji (seven times of fermentation), seven times of taking the liquor. The production cycle lasts for one year, and then it is aged for more than three years, blended and blended, and then stored for another year, making the liquor more harmonious and mellow, soft and soft, and then it is allowed to be bottled and delivered. The whole production process lasts for nearly five years.

Maotai liquor is a typical type of Daqu liquor with the most perfect style. Therefore, Maotai liquor is also called Maotai liquor. The wine is bright and transparent, with a slight yellow color. The sauce flavor is outstanding and intoxicating. It's not drunk when the cup is open. It's fragrant and full of fragrance. After drinking, it's empty. It's more fragrant and lasting. Elegant and delicate taste, full-bodied and mellow wine, long aftertaste, continuous aroma of grass. Maotai liquor is characterized by pure and transparent liquor, mellow and secluded fragrance. It is a combination of three special flavors, namely, soy sauce flavor, cellar bottom flavor and mellow and sweet flavor. Now more than 300 kinds of aroma components are known. The wine is 53 degrees. Chen Yi has a poem: 'Jinling meets Maotai again and washes his feet on the long march. Thank you for your poems, and drink a drink under the snow in Jiangnan. '