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2018 postgraduate examination results query time entrance examination results query method

The 2018 postgraduate entrance examination has ended, and many candidates are very concerned about when the test results will be announced. In the past, the release time of examination results was probably in the middle of February, but this Spring Festival is on February 16, so for the convenience of examinees, the release of postgraduate examination results this year should be ahead of schedule, probably after February 3. There will be two days to query the results. Are you more nervous and excited?

I. online inquiry (free)

1. Examinees can log in to the research and recruitment website to check the test results

2018 preliminary test results query of some candidates (click the link to enter)

2. Candidates can log in to the enrollment and Examination Institute of the province where each college is located

3. Candidates can log in to the postgraduate recruitment network of the college to inquire

II. Telephone inquiry (payment)

Call the voice call for paid inquiry. Each university has its own inquiry telephone. Candidates can input the examinee number and the last six digits of ID card number (excluding letters) or officer card number for inquiry. The specific telephone information shall be based on the situation of each region.

The basic steps and procedures of inquiry of postgraduate entrance examination results:

Step 1: user login: login as a candidate (user name: admission card number, registration number or name, ID card number: Certificate number, candidate type: Master);

Step 2: after logging in, please click the "preliminary examination information" button in the enrollment information, and click the "preliminary examination result query" button in the information display page.

Notes on inquiry of postgraduate entrance examination results

(1) generally speaking, no written report card will be sent to all universities for postgraduate entrance examination. The printed report card shall prevail.

(2) a score of - 1 means absent from the exam and - 2 means violation of discipline.

(3) candidates who have doubts about the results of the preliminary examination can apply for reexamination. Please pay attention to the online notice at any time for the specific time and requirements.

(4) to print the report card, please print it horizontally on A4 paper. When printing, please set the top, bottom, left and right values of page margins to 15mm in file - & gt; 'page setup'. If you use a non IE browser, please adjust the margin between the top and bottom pages of the report card to one page.