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What is the score line of 2018 postgraduate examination

when will the results of 2018 graduate examination come out? This year's postgraduate entrance examination score line will be how much? At the end of this week (February 3 and 4), you can check the results of the 2018 postgraduate entrance examination. Many of the postgraduate entrance examination partners still have doubts about the time and method of performance query. The small edition of will answer for you one by one. If the test is not good, we must choose schools that can be adjusted. Sometimes the schools that can be adjusted are also very good.

Zero announced the results of postgraduate entrance examination?

Recently, a little friend has been asking, is it 0 o'clock to announce the results?

In fact, if there is no rigid regulation in the province, it is generally the school that decides the time when the results are published, so it is the school's freedom not to publish the results at 0 o'clock! (PS: generally, there are not many schools that publish the results of postgraduate entrance examination at 0 o'clock.)

How to determine the time of publication of postgraduate entrance examination results?

1. If the school or provincial examination institute does not announce the specific inquiry time of postgraduate entrance examination results, it only says the inquiry time of February 3 or 4, which is generally zero. (except for special circumstances, such as forgetting to upload scores)

2. Generally, the school will publish the specific results query time on the graduate school recruitment website.

For example, Huake is at 10:00 a.m

Jiangsu is 3:00 p.m

3. Generally, the school will not change the release time of each year's results. If you know the release time of the school last year, for example, school a announced its results at 10:00 last year. This year is also likely to be 10:00 announced postgraduate results!

Query entry for the results of the preliminary examination of postgraduate entrance examination in 2018

How is the review this year?

According to the relevant reliable information, the examination papers of all provinces and cities have been basically completed. The general examination papers are as follows.


The scores of single choice (single choice + multiple choice) are seriously polarized, with many scores of more than 20 and 40. However, this year's political analysis paper is loose, so the score will be given. Combined with the current political hot spots, the score is generally not low. So for the vast majority of small partners, there is basically no problem with political cross-border.


Although there have been some partners and editors who have been difficult to reflect after the test, the overall score is almost the same as last year.

Due to the same line of political English and the increase of the number of applicants, I feel that the national line of these two subjects may slightly increase.

Mathematics: number one, number two, are much lower than last year's score, number three is even worse!

Personal feeling mathematics score line, may reduce!

How to check the result when the examination permit is lost?

Recently, a lot of friends asked about the lost exam permit, how to query the exam results?

In fact, there's no need to worry about this. Generally speaking, all the results of the postgraduate entrance examination can be checked through the research recruitment website, but the update speed may be a little bit late at night. It is not a necessary option to query the examination permit number through the website. As shown in the figure below, the name and ID card number are required. The applicant and the admission card number need to be filled in.