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According to the 2017 college entrance examination composition forecast, what problems will be concerned about in this year's college entrance examination composition? There are 20 days to go before the college entrance examination, how are the candidates prepared? Every year's college entrance examination composition is bound to become everyone's focus. Throughout the college entrance examination composition questions of these years, the questions are basically the current social hot spots or close to life. Therefore, examinees must pay close attention to the current social events, because they may become the test materials.

I. composition materials

The competition of bike sharing is fierce. Bike sharing refers to the cooperation between enterprises and the government to provide bike sharing services in campus, subway station, public transport station, residential area, commercial area, public service area, etc., which is a new form of sharing economy.

The emergence of shared bicycles is a very convenient thing for travel. With the continuous launch of bicycles of various brands, traffic jams and random parking caused by shared bicycles have become a headache for all parties. With the gradual popularization of bike sharing, it is not uncommon to destroy the chaos of bike sharing. According to the reporter's visit, not all shared bicycles are 'shared'. In addition to being damaged, some shared bicycles even become 'private cars'. Occupy for oneself, maliciously destroy, refit and sell, stop and walk randomly, who is sharing the bicycle for private?

II. Ideas

1. The legal issues on the first level of shared bicycles involve the administrative management of traffic and urban construction.

Bike sharing involves road traffic safety management, public security management, urban construction and city appearance management, and even basic property legal issues of criminal law and civil law. Whether the above laws and regulations can be well implemented in the riding process, to some extent, reflects the legal literacy of the people.

At the moment of the upsurge of bike sharing, many problems have gone beyond the scope of moral constraints. Whether the above laws and regulations can be well implemented in the process of cycling, to some extent, reflects the legal literacy of a country's citizens. This legal literacy even determines how far the sharing bike economy model can go.

People are more accustomed to the management of motor vehicles by relevant departments, and sometimes condemn or turn a blind eye to the violations of non motor vehicles, especially bicycles. But in fact, non motor vehicle violations are more common than motor vehicles, which has long been a major difficulty in traffic management.

2. In addition to the traffic management, the city appearance management is also very prominent.

A remarkable feature of shared bicycles is that they are parked without piles, that is, they walk and stop. This feature makes riding more convenient and fast, and also enables the sharing bicycle mode to spread rapidly. But at the same time, the problem of disorderly parking and excessive delivery has troubled urban managers.

The parking of shared bicycles at bus stops, subway entrances and exits, pedestrian and motor lanes, green belts in residential areas, blind lanes and other issues are increasingly prominent. It's a long-standing traffic problem. How to manage it? How to supervise the city appearance and urban construction department? If the scale is too large, it may be criticized for choking and waste food, which will affect the development of new economic form, just like the special car of that year. If you let it go, one day a street will be occupied by a scrap of iron bike, and one day the traffic will be driven in disorder The car is blocked.

In addition to violating administrative laws and regulations, it is a breach of contract at the level of civil law, in the final analysis, it is an act of dishonesty. Especially in the mode of sharing bicycle which is lack of restraint and supervision mechanism, the general breach of contract and tort will not be held responsible, so the principle of good faith is more important. This is also one of the most basic legal literacy of cyclists.

3. Solve the last kilometer problem

The 'last kilometer' problem of public travel has always been a problem faced by many urban transportation systems. In Beijing, Shanghai and other first tier cities, this problem is particularly prominent. For example, if the distance from home to the subway station is relatively long, the commuting mode other than walking can only choose black cars such as bicycles, 'trampolines' and' mopeds'. The 'last mile' of the express industry, derived from the demand for a variety of express cabinets and collection services business opportunities.

I. composition materials

Another familiar story: in order to save his mother suffering from appendicitis, 7-year-old Edison found some big bright mirrors to let the light of the oil lamp gather together and intelligently brighten the room at home, so the doctor successfully performed the operation.

For this anecdote of famous people appearing in the second volume of Chinese textbook of human education society primary school, few people questioned its authenticity. Until eight years ago, a number of Chinese teachers began to "fight" with it. There's a good reason to die - not a single Edison biography mentions it, and when Edison was seven, there was no discussion of appendicitis surgery in medical history.

II. Ideas

Over the years, we have learned whether or not we are learning the 'holiday texts'? Questions, complaints and protests all over the world, such as snowflakes, condense into a big question mark. It is gratifying that, in the face of the pressing readers, the textbook editors did not give in, and they were more energetic.

Some editors firmly responded that "Edison saves mother" is not a 'fabricated' story, it is' there is a way '. An American black-and-white film 77 years ago, and a junior high school English text 34 years ago, are the sources of this article.

The material does exist, at least, it's not a 'fake text more toxic than Melamine'. Although it is still difficult to prove the authenticity of the rescue mother, at the very least, it is traceable. If it wasn't for the "fight" between readers and editors, I'm afraid you don't know until now that Edison saved his mother. Apart from an old movie, there are no other materials that can prove each other. In the origin of the story, America, almost no ordinary people have heard of this famous anecdote.

However, in addition to the explanation, the editor seemed to shout "stop!" a voice calmly said, "the textbook can be criticized, but don't hype.". '

However, as long as it's a rational voice, it's OK to have more controversy. If both sides put forward their own opinions and basis, debate, truth, and doubt of 'holiday text' will not disappear? I'm afraid not. Some editors responded wrongly that "Chinese is not history", and its main function should be to serve teaching. Some teachers also say that they don't have to worry about authenticity, as long as the values are good.

Both views, however, do not stand up to scrutiny. If Chinese teaching is purely to transfer knowledge, how can our texts go through thousands of times of careful selection, and almost all articles carry forward beautiful and noble emotions in a consistent way? It can be seen that our Chinese education cannot avoid the imperceptible influence of values. But in order to promote the values of goodness, can we abandon the real core?

When the truth conflicts with the good, it is better to have simple truth than adulterated good. An imperfect real image is far better than a man-made hero.

I. composition materials

Let the "craftsman spirit" light up the "Chinese brand", vigorously promote the craftsman spirit, plant the craftsman culture, adhere to professional ethics, advocate excellence, cultivate a large number of "Chinese craftsmen", create more world-renowned "Chinese brands", and promote the development of China's economy into the quality era.

II. Ideas

1. Craftsman spirit

The so-called craftsman spirit is not only an attitude to work, but also a pursuit of practice; it is not only a promise to oneself, but also a commitment to others; it is not only a professional integrity, but also a cultural heritage.

As a craftsman, he must be quiet and dedicated to his career, pay attention to details and pursue quality. They Polish carefully, not to the extreme, not to pay people. They inherit the tradition, not the ancient, and make a thorough study of the past and bring forth the new. They are honest and trustworthy, regard quality brand as life and never compromise. They abandon impetuousness, sink into things, have a sense of career without utilitarianism.

As a cultural gene and spiritual heritage, craftsman spirit is necessary for all walks of life. From technology research and development, workshop production, service improvement and other micro fields to the implementation of macro strategies such as supply side structural reform, revitalization of the real economy, and innovation driven, we can't do without the support of craftsman spirit.

2. 'Chinese image' and 'Chinese brand'

Although a single craftsman has little power, when a country or a nation comes to plant craftsman culture, advocate craftsman spirit, build products and enterprise brands with craftsman spirit, and gradually emerge many 'Chinese artisans' and enterprises full of craftsman spirit, it can create a' Chinese brand 'with great impact and create a brilliant' Chinese image '.

The spirit of quality lies in ingenuity. In recent years, we have come to realize that China's manufacturing industry is in urgent need of the return of ingenuity and the injection and support of craftsmanship spirit, so as to revive market confidence, cultivate international image and build a 'Chinese brand'.

To carry forward the spirit of craftsman depends not only on ideological consciousness, but also on cultural self-cultivation; on the encouragement of policy and the construction of environment. It is necessary to establish the concept of enterprise governance with precious skills and glorious labor, and pay attention to the improvement of industrial workers' quality. It is also necessary to form a social atmosphere, system and economic environment that respects and respects the spirit of craftsmen, and establish a social fashion with precious skills and glorious labor. We should not only establish an incentive mechanism to reflect the value of talents and innovation factors, but also improve the efficiency of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

The spirit of craftsman is the need for China's economy to meet the quality era and enter the critical period of transformation and upgrading. Let's hold high the spirit of craftsman and light up the future of quality era.

I. composition materials

Industry insiders pointed out that in recent years, various variety shows, including reality shows, parent-child shows, dating shows and other variety shows have shown explosive growth. While being sought after by some audiences, they also show a trend of homogenization and pan entertainment to a certain extent, which provides an opportunity for the current outbreak of cultural programs.

II. Ideas

In the face of the collective popularity of cultural programs, general director Guan Jianwen commented in an interview with worker's Daily: 'if there is only one restaurant in a street, the business of this restaurant is definitely not good. If it's a restaurant street, maybe everyone has a good business. This is the ecology of an industry.

Including all kinds of entertainment programs, the entertainment efforts from different levels to meet the needs of the audience are all an ecology, and cultural programs have also begun to produce some ecology, because it has a certain amount of accumulation. 'but in terms of the overall proportion of video programs, I think the number of cultural programs is far from enough. Popular cultural programs are still rare. '

At the same time, Guan believes that these cultural programs have begun to meet the needs of different levels of cultural consumption. Some programs are more able to meet the emotional needs of the public, some are knowledge dissemination oriented, some are interesting, and some are intelligent. They belong to different levels, which eventually form a landscape called cultural transmission and inheritance. There is no so-called high or low level, everyone should work hard. The richer the ecology is, the healthier the product is likely to grow. '

Some commentators pointed out that the readers and seeing the word as the face were born at the right time, and they successfully activated the public's enthusiasm for traditional culture. According to sun Jiashan, a scholar of the Chinese Academy of Arts, to understand the popularity of cultural programs, we must understand Chinese Variety