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How much is the price of 53 degrees Feitian Moutai? Why is Maotai so expensive?

by the end of the year, the most important thing to visit relatives and friends is tobacco and wine. For those who like Maotai, now the 53 degree Feitian Maotai has been fried to nearly 2000 yuan a bottle, which is of great value. Why is the price of Feitian Moutai so expensive? A large part of the reason is artificial hype.

Yesterday, the market price of 53 degree Feitian Moutai in Wenzhou was 1600-1700 yuan per bottle. Compared with the official retail price of 1499 yuan, the price of each bottle increased by 1200 yuan. Yesterday, the reporter visited the supermarket stores, tobacco hotels and other places, and found that the supermarket continued to be out of stock, while some tobacco and wine shops have goods, but they need to increase the price.

On January 4, the official retail price of 53 ° 500ml Feitian Moutai was increased from 1299 yuan per bottle to 1499 yuan. At the National Liquor Maotai dealers' Association held on December 28 last year, yuan Renguo, chairman of Maotai Group, announced that Maotai Group would increase the supply price of various products from January 1, 2018, with an average increase of about 18%, and the price of 53 degree Feitian Maotai suggested terminals (referring to stores, chain terminals, exclusive stores, e-commerce channels) was 1499 yuan / bottle. At that time, a number of industry insiders revealed that they expected to receive a batch of goods before the Spring Festival, because of the limited quantity, it is impossible to fully spread them in supermarkets, stores and other places. In a word, from yesterday's visit, although the goods arrived one after another, the supply was still very tight, so some tobacco and wine shops began to increase the price.

Yesterday, in Laoyu, Fanrong and other tobacco and wine shops in the city, the boss said that the price of six bottles of 53 degree Feitian Moutai was 1680-1700 yuan per bottle and 1600-1650 yuan per bottle in bulk. The price of the original box is higher than that of the bulk because it is not opened and the supply of goods is more scarce. At the beginning of January, many insiders predicted that the retail price of 53 degree Feitian Moutai liquor would rise to 1900-2100 yuan per bottle. Now, compared with the official retail price, the price of each bottle is up by 1200 yuan. It is understood that due to the worry that the price of the products will rise too fast, Guizhou Maotai factory decided to put 7000 tons of Maotai liquor into the market before the Spring Festival, in order to alleviate the market shortage and suppress the market speculation. Moreover, according to the relevant agreement, if the dealers stock up and raise the price, the Moutai distillery will suspend the supply. 'Spring Festival is the peak season of sales. Although the manufacturer has taken various measures, the market price has been raised a little. However, after the Spring Festival, the sales will enter the off-season, and the price may fall. 'many people think.