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Does a baby under 2 need to buy a ticket to fly? What does a baby need to prepare for flying?

If you can't get a plane ticket when you go home for the new year, it's also a good choice to take a plane. So for children, do you need to buy a ticket to take a plane? What are the things for children under 2 to take a plane?

do children need to buy tickets to fly?

The answer is yes, buy it. According to the relevant regulations: children under the age of 2 shall check in at the airport with birth certificate or household register, and the price of air tickets shall be calculated according to 10% of the full price (i.e. the price before discount), without airport construction fee and fuel fee, and without separate seats; children over the age of 2 and under the age of 12 shall buy children's tickets according to 50% of the normal adult fare, pay half of the fuel fee, and not pay for airport construction Setting fee, with seats.

When purchasing children's tickets and baby tickets, the valid birth certificate, birth certificate and household register shall be provided.

Specific regulations for children to buy tickets by air:

Children aged 0-2

According to the regulations of the airline: the age is 0-2 years old, subject to the departure date; for domestic air tickets, 10% of the adult general full fare of the same flight is used to purchase infant tickets, free of airport construction fees and fuel surcharges, and no seats are provided. If the seats need to be occupied separately, children's tickets must be purchased;

When more than one infant is carried by an adult passenger, the excess number of passengers shall purchase a children's ticket; the international infant fare is generally 10% of the full adult price, and the infant of an individual airline can use 10% of the preferential adult price. There is no seat, so there is no airport construction fee. Other taxes shall be subject to the provisions of the airline.

Children aged 2-12

According to the regulations of airlines: the age is 2-12 years old (some airlines do not implement this standard), subject to the take-off date; domestic air tickets purchase children's tickets according to 50% of the adult's general full fare of the same flight, free of airport construction fee, fuel surcharge charge 50%, and provide seats; international air tickets for children accompanied by adults can enjoy the price of 75% of the adult's sales price, and some airlines on individual routes Slightly different. The airport construction fee shall be exempted, and other taxes shall be subject to the provisions of the airline.

Unaccompanied children

Airline regulations: unaccompanied children (5-12 years old) need to buy adult tickets, at the airline counter. Unaccompanied children refer to children who are over 5 years old but under 12 years old, who are not led by adults and take a flight alone.

Children who travel alone in this age group must apply to the airline for unaccompanied children services. Children under the age of 5 should generally be accompanied by adults. On domestic routes, unaccompanied children generally purchase children's tickets at 50% of the full price of the applicable adult fare.

Special attention: when the baby is flying, it needs to bring the baby's birth certificate or household register. You need to know that there is no seat for the baby ticket. It needs to be held by adults. If you need to occupy a seat, you should buy a child ticket (50% of the total). If an adult carries more than one baby, the more than one baby should buy a child ticket.

Instructions for infants and children

1. Pay attention to the age definition of infants and children. Infants and children have different degrees of preference when buying tickets, so passengers often have questions about the definition of the two. Generally speaking, the age of infants refers to 14 days to 2 years old, and the age of children refers to 2 years to 12 years old (subject to the flight departure date).

2. Corresponding certificates shall be provided for flying: passengers who purchase infant tickets shall provide certificates of infant age, such as birth medical certificate, household register, etc.

3. Student card or household register of the minor under the age of 16 and identity certificate issued by the public security organ of the place where the household register is located.

4. Children's tickets are required to be purchased when traveling with more than one infant. Each adult can only carry 2 passengers (including children and infants) who are not more than 12 years old. If the passenger carries more than one infant, the other infant shall be charged according to the corresponding children's ticket price, can occupy a seat separately, and can enjoy the free baggage amount specified in the ticket grade.

5. Precautions: each flight has restrictions on the number of infants received. From the perspective of aviation safety, the maximum number of infants received by each flight should be less than the total number of rows of the aircraft executing the flight, and no more than one infant can be arranged for each row of seats connected.