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Is snowmelt harmful to human body? Why can snow melting agent melt snow quickly?

In recent days, a large range of snow began to fall in the north, but the snow on the road soon melted. Do you know why? As the main force of snow and ice removal on urban roads, the administration department is the 'big user' of snow melting agent every winter. But many people question whether the snow melting agent is harmful to the body? Is it really harmful to the eyes?

The main component of snow melting agent is actually chlorine salt, which belongs to inorganic snow melting agent, i.e. industrial salt. It is similar to large salt in appearance. Snow melting agent can reduce the melting point of snow and make it easier to melt. Especially on the roads and viaducts with more motor vehicles, with the rolling of wheels, the integration process between snow melting agent and snow is accelerated, which makes snow easier to be removed and reduces the hidden danger of travel safety.

Since the main ingredient of snow melting agent is salt, long-term contact will be corrosive to some extent, but it is not as alarmist as everyone has said. Just like the salt water of salted vegetables, if you touch your hands for a long time, it will make your skin uncomfortable. '

why can snow melting agent melt snow quickly?

Why can chemical salt be used to melt snow? As we all know, the freezing point of water is 0 ℃, and after salt water is formed, the freezing point of salt water will fall below 0 ℃, which is mainly due to the fact that the vapor pressure of water corresponding to salt solution will drop when chloride and sodium ions are contained in salt solution. If the salt water is to be boiled, the temperature will exceed 100 ℃. Similarly, the salt water will freeze, and the temperature will be lower than 0 ℃. Therefore, after salt is sprinkled, the melted snow water is not easy to freeze, so it will be much safer when going out.

As for the "don't sprinkle snow on your face" spread by friends, some doctors said that it's not suitable to sprinkle snow on people's faces and eyes, no matter whether snow contains snow melting agent or not. Because even if there is no snow melting agent, the seemingly clean snow is actually very dirty and contains various impurities. Once in the eyes, it is easy to cause damage to the eyes.