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Why do elevators put mirrors? What is the real reason for elevators to put mirrors? now there are more and more high-rise buildings, and the elevator has become an indispensable part of our daily life. Do you know why the elevator should be equipped with a mirror? The following is the reason and function of why the elevator should be equipped with a mirror. Welcome to read!

Most people think that the reason why the elevator put the mirror

I believe that many people walk into the elevator to see the first action of the mirror is to directly use it as a mirror to check their appearance or make-up

One is that it can give people a sense of larger space

Second, it can prevent the crime and all kinds of harassment behind

Many people turn on the crazy self timer mode when there is no one in the elevator

The real reason for putting mirrors in elevators

The real reason for installing mirrors in elevators is to help people who use wheelchairs, so that they can confirm the location of the entrance and exit of the elevator, because they are difficult to turn around in the narrow space of the elevator. Another two important functions are to let them know how many floors they are on and when they are ready to get off the elevator.

It is understood that the installation of mirrors in elevators is the obligation of public transport agencies, especially in some public buildings, the installation of mirrors in elevators is indispensable.

Safety precautions for taking elevator

1. Pay close attention to overload: I believe many of my friends will encounter the situation that the elevator is overloaded and the warning bell is sounded during the rush hour. But for our life safety, no matter how busy we are, we can't overload

2. Don't stop the elevator from closing: many people are good at stopping the elevator when they see it closing, which will not only hurt themselves, but also affect the normal operation of the elevator

3. In case of fire, never take the elevator. You should take the emergency passage or safety stairs

4. If you are trapped in the elevator, you should keep calm and press the emergency button or intercom alarm bell. Don't panic. Panic will only aggravate your fear and wait for safety rescue.