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Why do you lose your hair after giving birth? Why do you lose your hair after giving birth

After the longing for pregnancy in October, accompanied by the sounds of nature like baby crying, the new mother began a great new journey. However, when I was overjoyed, I suddenly found that there were more hairlines left on my comb and hand than before, the front hairline began to recede, and my hair began to thin. The trouble of hair loss came to my mind & hellip; & hellip; after giving birth to a baby, how could a new mother lose her hair so easily?

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Causes of hair loss after birth:

1. It is caused by special physiological conditions

Hair, like other tissues, is metabolized. Generally speaking, all hair should be replaced every five years, because the renewal of hair is usually carried out in stages and batches, which is not easy for people to detect. During pregnancy, because the pregnant mother secretes more estrogen than usual, the life span of the hair will be prolonged, the speed of hair loss will be slowed down, and a large number of hair will be 'extended service'. After childbirth, the level of estrogen in the body returns to normal, and those who have 'extended service' hair are 'retired' one after another, so they come out with postpartum hair loss.

2. Affected by mental factors

Mental factors are one of the reasons for women to lose a lot of hair after giving birth. Many new mothers have been in a state of tension and anxiety or suffering from bad mental stimulation, which will lead to dysfunction of the cerebral cortex and autonomic nervous system. In this way, the nerves controlling the scalp blood vessels will also be in disorder, which will reduce the blood supply to the scalp and cause the hair to fall off due to malnutrition.

And a large number of hair loss will lead to mental tension and anxiety, aggravate the hair loss, and cause a vicious circle in the long run.

3. Nutrition imbalance

As pregnancy and childbirth is a great consumption process for women, postpartum body recovery and baby feeding need a lot of nutrition supplement.

If the postpartum mother's digestion and absorption function is poor, the diet is too monotonous, and she is picky and partial eater, it is easy to have nutritional deficiency or imbalance, leading to insufficient supply of protein, vitamins or minerals in the body, thus affecting the growth and metabolism of hair.

4. Improper head care

Some mothers are influenced by the old local customs during confinement, and dare not wash or comb their hair. These bad customs will make the sebum secretion and dust on the scalp accumulate, which not only affects the blood supply of the head, but also easily causes folliculitis or scalp infection, thus increasing the risk of hair loss.

How to give birth to a child to drop hair to do?

First of all, to relax, in pregnancy and lactation must maintain a happy mood, to realize that postpartum hair loss is a temporary process, they should have confidence, believe that hair loss will stop, and will soon grow as before. Avoid mental tension, because tension can only aggravate the degree of hair loss.

Second, we should pay attention to a balanced diet, strengthen nutrition, not picky, partial or taboo. Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, animal protein, seafood, beans, eggs, etc. to meet the nutritional needs of hair and body.

Third, choose a mild and suitable shampoo and wash your hair regularly. Often comb your hair with a wooden comb, or massage and stimulate your scalp rhythmically with your fingers, which can promote the blood circulation of your scalp and help the metabolism of your hair.

Diet for hair loss after birth:

Yuhua dumpling

Raw materials: black sesame, tangyuan powder, cocoa powder

Seasoning: sugar


1. Stir fry the black sesame, grind it into powder, add some water and sugar to make dumpling stuffing, and set aside.

2. Rice dumpling powder is mixed with water and a small amount of rice flour, and then packed with black sesame stuffing to make rice dumplings.

3. Cook the dumplings in the pan and serve.

Highlight: black sesame is rich in oleic acid, palmitic acid, vitamin E, folic acid, protein, calcium and other nutrients, especially oil, which can effectively moisturize the skin and nourish the hair. At the same time, it has a significant effect on improving the bad condition of dry and broken hair.

Amber walnut kernel

Raw materials: walnut, sesame

Seasoning: sugar, salad oil


1. Put the walnuts into 70% hot oil pan, deep fry them into golden color, and take them up for use.

2. Put some sugar and water in the frying pan, bring to a boil over low heat, pour in walnuts, and stir for several times. Turn off the heat and continue to stir fry the walnuts until cool. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Highlight: walnut kernel with high fat content also contains vitamin C, carotene, protein, oil, sugar and other nutrients. Regular consumption can make hair dark and shiny.