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Why can't women have the same room in their physiological period? What are the hazards of having the

Most people have an understanding that they can't have the same room during the menstrual period. Why can't they have the same room during the menstrual period? What are the adverse consequences if they have the same room during the menstrual period? Because both sides are excited, the penis will make the female genitals congested, leading to the increase of menstrual volume and the extension of menstrual period.

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The reasons for not sharing the same room during menstruation are as follows

1. Because both sides are excited, the penis enters can make female genital congestion, cause menstrual quantity to increase, menstrual period to lengthen.

2. At this time, the male genitalia may bring bacteria into the vagina. Menstrual blood is a good medium for bacteria and other microorganisms. Bacteria are easy to breed, spread along many tiny wounds and ruptured small blood vessels in the endometrium, infect the endometrium, and even affect the fallopian tube and pelvic organs, thus bringing unnecessary trouble to the woman.

3. Menstrual secretions into the male urethra, may also cause urethritis.

4. Menstrual rooming, because sperm in the endometrial damage and overflow of blood cells meet, or even into the blood, can induce the production of antisperm antibodies, resulting in immune infertility, infertility.

5. During menstruation, due to the contraction of the uterus during sexual impulse, endometrial debris may be squeezed into the pelvic cavity, causing endometriosis, leading to infertility. Therefore, for the sake of both sides' bodies and the common future, we must not make an exception. If necessary, we can take other methods to solve the problem. But in any case, the same side of menstruation should be prohibited.

If the menstrual period is in the same room, when the woman's excitement reaches the peak, the uterus will contract. At this time, the endometrial fragments that have fallen off in the uterine cavity can enter the fallopian tube with the pressure of uterine contraction, and enter the abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity along the fallopian tube. No matter where they fall to grow on the spot, endometriosis occurs. This disease can cause tubal and uterus, pelvic adhesions, can also cause ovarian surface hypertrophy and blood retention, can not only destroy the normal development of eggs, but also affect ovulation, so it will eventually cause infertility. So avoid rooming during menstruation.

6. Menstrual rooming is easy to cause bacterial infection. During menstruation, the endometrium fell off to form a wound, and the uterine orifice was also slightly open. Moreover, due to the discharge of menstrual blood, the acidic environment in the vagina is diluted, and the self-cleaning ability of the vagina is weakened. At this stage, it is also easy to infect gynecological inflammation.

7. When menstruation comes, the endometrium (the layer of tissue inside the uterus) peels off one by one. During menstrual intercourse, it is easy to bring bacteria around the vulva and perineum (the part between the vaginal orifice and anus) into the vagina, cervix and even into the uterus. Bacteria just grow and propagate in the place with blood. Inflammation occurs on the spot, which is called endometritis. It not only causes fever and lower abdominal pain, but also increases menstrual bleeding and prolongs the menstrual period. If the virulence of the infected bacteria is very strong, it may also spread to the outside of the uterus through the lymphatic vessels of the endometrium and enter the pelvic cavity, causing acute adnexitis (including fallopian tube and ovary) and pelvic peritonitis, it will not only cause fever and abdominal pain, but also may affect future fertility. Once the fallopian tube is inflamed, adhesions can occur. If the fallopian tube is serious, the lumen will be blocked. If the sperm can't pass through, it can't conceive.

Methods of menstrual nursing

1. Keep the vulva clean.

Female genital shape is more complex, more wrinkles, dirt easy to accumulate, so it is very important to keep the health of external genitalia. Usually to often clean, frequently change underwear, develop the habit of daily cleaning vulva. The bath basin and towel should be separated from the foot basin and towel, and should be specially assigned to avoid mutual infection. Shower is the best way to take a bath. Menstruation choose soft, absorbent, disinfectant sanitary napkin, more famous sanitary napkin brands such as hushubao.

2. Avoid getting wet and cold.

Pay attention to keep warm during menstruation to avoid getting wet and cold. In the menstrual period, often have waist acid, abdominal distension, weakness and other discomfort, body resistance decline, easy to suffer from some diseases, should pay attention to avoid wet or cold, such as rain, dribble, cold bath, swimming, cold days long time in the field work. Supercooling stimulation can cause menstrual disorders, often in a humid and cold environment can cause excessive menstrual blood, menstrual extension, or induce other diseases.

3. Avoid strenuous exercise and overwork.

During menstruation, you can take part in study and work as usual, and also take part in proper physical exercise. Do some light physical labor and walking and other appropriate activities, but to avoid strenuous exercise and heavy physical labor, do not overwork, avoid increasing abdominal pressure and pelvic vibration, in order to reduce bleeding.

4. Keep a normal lifestyle.

First of all, the spirit should be happy and optimistic, and avoid worry, sadness, pain and unnecessary mental burden. There are a few people during menstruation emotional instability, good excitement, upset, love to lose temper, to pay attention to restraint. Secondly, we should have enough rest and sleep time, pay attention to increase nutrition rich diet, do not eat raw, cold, hot and sour and other stimulating food, more should not smoke and drink. Drink more boiled water, eat more vegetables and fruits, and keep your urine and stool unobstructed. In case of abnormal menstruation, timely check with the hospital and symptomatic treatment. Do not take medicine and injection at will, so as not to delay the diagnosis and increase the difficulty of treatment in the future. Director he reminded: find problems, actively cooperate with doctors, and achieve satisfactory results.

5. Drug care.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that menstrual disease is related to kidney function, spleen, liver, Qi and blood, uterus and so on, and dysmenorrhea can be divided into cold and heat deficiency and excess, which can be classified by pain. It is cold to drink hot drink, hot to drink hot drink, and hot to drink hot drink. Dysmenorrhea usually should avoid cold and sour food, light and easy to digest is better.