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Why can't female student physiology period check? What does female student physiology period taboo h

Physical examination is very important for us! But there is a question. Can we have physical examination during physiological period? Women will have a lot of internal changes during menstruation, so many examination data are not the same as usual. If it is urine test or gynecological examination, due to the special physiological state of menstruation, it will lead to data distortion. Therefore, it is not recommended for women to have physical examination during menstruation.

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The reasons for not being able to take physical examination during physiological period are as follows

Women in the menstrual period will have a lot of changes in the body, so in the examination, a lot of examination data is not the same as usual. If it is urine test or gynecological examination, due to the special physiological state of menstruation, it will lead to data distortion. Therefore, it is not recommended for women to have physical examination during menstruation.

In the process of physical examination, if it is in vitro routine examination, most of them will not have too much influence, but for the breast, it will lead to abnormal hormone secretion during menstruation. Experts tell you: many women during menstruation due to a variety of reasons lead to breast hyperplasia, some are true hyperplasia, some are in the menstrual period after the past will disappear.

Women's physical examination time should avoid menstruation, it is best to choose the period from the end of menstruation to the day before ovulation. Don't go to bed the night before the morning examination, because the semen of the man and the spermicide on the condom may appear in the next day's test samples, interfering with the doctor's judgment. On the day of physical examination, you should wear clothes that are convenient for examination, and the skirt of moderate length is the best choice.

Attention in physiological period:

1. Emotion should not be excited: when the physiological period comes, you should keep a happy mood as usual, prevent emotional fluctuations, do not get excited when you encounter unpleasant things, and it is very important to keep a stable mood. If at that time emotional, depression or anger often make people stagnant, and then lead to late menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and so on.

2. Don't be too tired: during the physiological period, we should pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of rest time, avoid strenuous exercise and physical work, and it's better to combine work with rest. Excessive exertion during menstruation can lead to prolonged menstruation or menorrhagia; conversely, excessive comfort and stagnation of Qi and blood can easily lead to dysmenorrhea and leiomyoma.

3. Avoid drinking green tea or strong tea: in physiological period, drink more brown sugar or boiled water, not green tea or strong tea. Because green tea or strong tea contains high caffeine, can stimulate nerve and cardiovascular, easily lead to dysmenorrhea, prolonged menstruation or excessive bleeding. At the same time, the tannic acid in tea combines with the iron in food in intestine, which will precipitate, affect the iron absorption and cause anemia. In addition, the physiological period is best not to drink, smoke, eat stimulating food.

4. Proper diet: due to the monthly loss of a certain amount of blood after menstruation, it is necessary to appropriately increase nutrition, such as protein, vitamins, iron and calcium. Menstruation should eat more viscera, eggs, lean meat, fish, bean products and fresh vegetables, fruits and other hot food. It is not suitable to overeat and overeat. If you eat too much spicy and Yang boosting food, it can lead to premature menstruation and menorrhagia. If you eat too much cold food, it can cause dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, leucorrhea and other diseases.

5. No sexual life: sexual life should be forbidden in physiological period, because during menstruation, endometrium exfoliates and there are fresh wounds in uterine cavity. If you have sex, you may bring bacteria in, cause infection and inflammation of reproductive organs, increase menstrual blood volume or prolong menstrual period.

6. Never be cold: during physiological period, keep warm and avoid catching cold. Don't get wet, Wade or swim. Don't sit in damp and cool places and air ducts of air conditioner and electric fan. Do not use cold water bath, wash feet, so as not to cause menstrual disorders.

7. Please do not sit bath: some people usually like to sit bath, but in the physiological period, because the cervix is slightly open, sit bath or bath can easily make the polluted water into the uterine cavity, resulting in genital inflammation. At this time, you can take a shower.

8. Don't wear jeans or tight pants: if you wear tight pants with small crotch and hip circumference or jeans during physiological period, it will compress local capillaries, affect blood circulation, increase perineal friction, easily cause perineal congestion and edema, and even cause diseases such as urinary and reproductive system infection.

9. Avoid X-ray examination: before menstruation, women of childbearing age are in the ovulation stage. X-ray examination at this time can damage the egg cells or fertilized eggs, cause embryonic dysplasia, and cause congenital abnormalities, deformities, mental retardation, limb defects, etc.

Precautions for female physical examination:

Avoid excessive fasting

In order to ensure the accuracy of blood test results, many blood tests require patients to be fasting. But too much fasting can also affect the test results. If the fasting time is more than 18 hours, some tests will have abnormal results, such as serum bilirubin may increase due to the increase of fasting time, and blood glucose may decrease to hypoglycemia due to the long fasting time.

The fasting standard is: the night before blood drawing, try to keep the usual living habits, normal diet; food should be light, do not drink; after dinner, do not drink coffee, strong tea. When I got up the next morning, I didn't eat breakfast, drink less or no water, didn't do morning exercise, and calmly went to the hospital to wait for blood collection.

Don't draw blood too late

In a day, people's metabolism always fluctuates, and its metabolic rate is not a level. Therefore, it is required to collect fasting blood from 7:30 to 8:30 in the morning, and it should not exceed 12:00 at the latest. Because of the influence of physiological endocrine hormones in the body, the detection value is distorted.

Avoid mood swings

Tension and emotional excitement can affect neuroendocrine function, resulting in the increase of serum non esterified fatty acids, lactic acid and blood glucose. So before the physical examination to control emotions, before the laboratory to maintain a stable state of mind, do not walk back and forth, eat cold drinks or smoking.

Avoid strenuous exercise

Exercise can cause changes in blood and body fluid components, even mild activities can also cause physiological blood glucose rise, endocrine hormone levels change, thus affecting the results. Therefore, two days before physical examination do not do strenuous exercise, 1 hour ago should not take a walk and other mild activities.

Avoid greasy diet

Diet is the most important factor affecting blood lipid, blood lipid examination requires fasting 12 hours later, generally after dinner, in addition to drinking water, do not eat other food. In addition, in order to ensure the objectivity and accuracy of the physical examination results, the subjects should eat less or no high-fat food and do not drink alcohol within 3 days before the examination.

Avoid physiological period

Women's menstruation, pregnancy and other physiological conditions can affect the blood test results, so it is not suitable for women to have gynecological examination, blood routine examination, liver function examination before and after menstruation. Breast infrared examination is also the best choice in menstruation after a week.

Avoid stopping the drug blindly

Blood should be taken on an empty stomach, but patients with chronic diseases should be treated differently. If some hypertensive patients take antihypertensive drugs in the morning every day, sudden withdrawal or delay of taking drugs will cause a sudden rise of blood pressure, which may cause danger. Therefore, patients with hypertension should take antihypertensive drugs as usual before receiving physical examination. If you are taking antibiotics or vitamin C and weight-loss drugs, you will receive physical examination after 3 days of drug withdrawal.