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Why do British judges and lawyers wear wigs? Historical reasons for judicial officers to wear wigs

One view is that in the middle ages, judicial officers were a kind of hard work. They were often overworked, coupled with heavy mental work, so that most of them were extremely smart. In order to cover up the loss of hair and beauty, they put on wigs, and gradually became popular, so it became a convention.

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Another way of saying it is to show that it is professional, authoritative and highly respected. It can also play a protective role. This is because wigs with makeup can blur their looks, so that they can avoid the attack and revenge of the court.

There is another way of saying that if a judge puts on a black robe and a wig, he can hide his true colors, get rid of his selfish thoughts, and become the representative of the rule of law, the embodiment of truth, goodness and beauty. Generally speaking, their wigs are known to be fake at a glance, which gives people a special feeling of "dehumanizing" and "untrue". In other words, the person wearing the wig does not look like an individual. It reflects the idea that judges should be regarded as non-human, non divine and semi human.

However, it's not comfortable to wear a wig. It's very hot and easy to stink. As a result, the British government decided that from October 2, 2008, most British judges and lawyers can no longer wear wigs in court, except the judges trying criminal cases!