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Why is eyesight worse with glasses?

People who wear glasses know that the higher the power of their eyes, the more they can't do without glasses. But the more they wear glasses, the more their power declines. Why do they wear glasses and the higher their power?

Some myopic patients would rather not see clearly than wear glasses. The reason is that they are worried that the degree of myopia will be deeper and deeper after wearing glasses. So is the degree of myopia really deeper? Ophthalmologists point out that this is a misunderstanding. On the contrary, not wearing glasses and lack of vision care measures are one of the main causes of blindness announced by the World Health Organization.

Now let's see what experts say.

The reasons for the increasing power of glasses are as follows:

First: wearing inappropriate glasses. Inappropriate glasses will not only make the power increase too quickly, but also cause eye fatigue. This involves the correct optometry and lens problems, such as accurate measurement of eye position, intraocular pressure, eye axis, main eye, etc., otherwise it may cause the glasses to produce deviation in the correction of vision, and affect vision over time. So optometry and glasses production is the key

Second: wear glasses or do not pay attention to eye hygiene. Long time use of eyes, eye fatigue, vision will be significantly reduced. Nowadays, the time of watching TV and using computer is more than in the past. It's better to look at the distance for 3-5 minutes in an hour or so. At the same time, we should insist on doing eye exercises instead of lying or reading askew. While using your eyes, you should also choose to let your eyes rest.

Third: no glasses for your eyes. Glasses to function with will achieve the desired effect, according to their own working environment with glasses to protect the eyes is very important.

Fourth: wear a pair of glasses for several years. Check your vision at least once a year. In case of vision loss, optometry and glasses should be carried out in time to correct vision. Appropriate glasses can reduce eye fatigue, slow down the deepening of glasses. Short sighted friends must regularly check to ensure the health of the eyes.

Fifth: diet does not pay attention to nutrition. The eye needs nutrients such as lutein. There are two special antioxidant pigments in the retina of human eyes, called lutein and zeaxanthin. They accumulate in the retina, especially in the macular area (the most sensitive area of vision), and act as' yellow Sunglasses' to filter blue light, so as to protect the photoreceptor cells in the retina from the damage of sunlight and oxidation.