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Why are all the girls so obsessed with the boss now?

Now a lot of high school girls will read novels, especially infatuated with the bully president. Now such people are unrealistic in society. What's the matter? Let's have a look~

'My daughter used to be very good, and she studied very hard. Now every day I think that there will be a "bully president" who falls in love with me and tells me that I don't want to study any more and I want to work in a hotel, so I have a chance to meet the "bully president";. 'ms. sun is very upset recently. Her daughter, a freshman in senior high school, dreams of becoming the heroine in 'overbearing president Wen'.

Yu Rongrong, director of Ningbo Renhe psychological counseling center, said that there have been many such cases. She sighed: "idol dramas and & lsquo; overbearing president Wen & gt; are the most likely to get adolescent girls involved, and some girls are even on the verge of paranoia. '

My daughter copied down a large copy of the president's quotations

Ms. sun's daughter Tiantian (not her real name) is a freshman in senior high school this year, with middle grades. 'she's always been a relief to me. She's been very quiet and elegant since I was a child. I don't like to make noise at ordinary times. I like to read books in my spare time. '

It's good to open a book. Ms. sun has always supported her daughter to read more, and has not made any special restrictions. Since last summer vacation, she found that her daughter likes reading 'little books'. 'small book 'is about the size of the palm of the hand, the title is generally' the president loves me 'and so on.

Ms. Sun said regretfully: 'I told her that reading this kind of books occasionally is OK. It can be regarded as adjustment. It's the same as playing games with male students, but it doesn't affect learning. However, she is now simply addicted to the overbearing president of the text can not extricate herself, but also online to find a lot of e-books to see. '

Ms. sun read several paragraphs from "the president's private treasure":

'the door of the cloakroom was open, and the sound of moving furniture came from it. Wan Qing sits down on the bed, opens a bag, and takes out the purple dress & hellip; & hellip;, which costs 8888 yuan. In the past, she could not spend so much a year. '

He lowered his face and waved: "I can support you. What else do you want to take? Just to find a good job, make more money, and then buy nice clothes? You don't need it anymore!";

She heavily put the iPad aside: 'every book has the same content. The heroine is clumsy, usually less than 20 years old, and the hero is the president of cool drag crazy bashuan. She also copied a thick copy of the president's quotations and imagined that she was the heroine. A few days ago, he told me that he was going to work as a waiter in a hotel, so it was very easy to meet the president of Duojin who lived in the presidential suite. Adolescent girls love fantasy, but she has seriously affected the study and normal life. '

Good girl is going to quit school and work in a coffee shop

'There have been many such cases. 'Yu Rongrong gives a typical example. Sisi (a pseudonym) is a girl in grade three of junior high school. She has always let her parents worry. 'she insisted that she would not study any more. She wanted to work in a coffee shop like the heroine of a Korean drama to get the chance to meet prince charming. The parents realized that the situation was serious and took her to the clinic. At that time, Tiantian was on the verge of paranoia. '

In life, Sisi has few friends who can speak. Introverted, in the middle of the class results, not eye-catching, not trouble, can be said to be the class's' invisible person '.

When her parents brought her to the hospital, she sat in front of Yu Rongrong and said eagerly and firmly: 'I can't waste any more time. I'm not sure I'll meet prince charming when I study in school. Korean drama heroine, is in the coffee shop, flower shop, dessert shop work, just met the right person. That kind of life is what I want. If I study in school again, it's a waste of time. '

Sisi and Yu Rongrong slowly opened their hearts. It turns out that she is a fan of idol dramas, especially Korean dramas. Almost every popular Korean drama is precious. She said intoxicatedly: 'really, I'm very similar to many heroines. I look ordinary, but I am very kind, especially like small animals, I work hard. These heroines, who are not in school or work in a big company, meet the male protagonist. They all attract the male protagonist when they work in a coffee shop. 'sisi emphasizes that only she can have the characteristics of a leading lady in a Korean drama, and no other female students have. For example, which students study well, but they are not kind-hearted; which students dance well, but they are not diligent.

Yu Rongrong said: 'Sisi really believes from the bottom of my heart that I am a copy of the heroine in the play, with all the characteristics of the heroine. That's why she has to create opportunities to meet the hero. After meeting him, the hero will fall in love with him, change his ordinary fate, and give him money, power, love and dream life. '

Why do many people indulge in "overbearing CEO Wen" and "idol drama"?

Yu Rongrong analysis: first of all, it is a problem of social adaptation. By chasing dramas and reading articles, and substituting yourself into them in fantasy, what you don't have in reality can be compensated. For example, the ordinary self in real life can live a princess's life in fantasy; in reality, parents divorced, lack of family warmth, can be made up by crazy love.

Secondly, in film and television works and novels of this kind, the process of efforts is very fast. For example, the process of the protagonist growing up from an ordinary child to a business genius is quickly passed by with a line of subtitles; for example, the heroine working diligently for five years in a waiter's post is only passed in a minute or two. In reality, the process of hard work is the most boring and weak.

This situation is especially easy to happen among the good girls in middle school. They are introverted, quiet and have few good friends in their life. They are extremely easy to immerse themselves in the plot of idol drama and "overbearing president Wen" and fantasize that they are the heroine. 'it's normal for many people to fantasize about becoming the heroine in the play, but most of them just think about it occasionally and know it's not true. Introverted and sensitive adolescent girls are more likely to indulge in fantasy if they are intoxicated with fantasy and lack of communication and sharing with people around them, especially friends of the same age.

Yu Rongrong reminded: in this kind of situation, prevention is much more important than treatment. If the child has been addicted to it, or even hovering on the edge of paranoia, parents are often helpless, can only turn to professionals. If there are adolescent girls at home, especially those who are quiet and introverted, parents should remind their children to pay attention to the allocation of time and suggest that they consider other adjustment methods when their children watch idol dramas and domineering novels more often.