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Why is dinner too late easy to hurt the body?

Modern people work too much and are under great pressure. They often work overtime until very late to eat, and sometimes stay up until midnight to go home for supper. This kind of diet is very harmful to our health. Eating too late for dinner can easily lead to obesity, affect sleep and affect mood. Let's look at the harm of eating too late for dinner.

1. Lead to obesity

After a long time of starvation, people are eager for food. When they get home, they will eat whatever they catch. They prefer to eat instant junk food. And a tired to make do with dinner, many people often simply wash under the bed to rest. As everyone knows, after meals, the blood sugar, fat content increases, coupled with the lack of exercise, excess heat, which into fat, easy to lead to obesity.

2. Affect sleep

Gastrointestinal forced 'overtime' directly affects sleep, leading to sleep difficulties or dreaminess, shallow sleep and even insomnia. After a long time, people are listless, and even lead to memory decline, neurasthenia and so on.

Increased risk of stroke. The later you eat dinner, the higher the risk of stroke. On the contrary, people who eat early and ensure that the interval between eating time and sleeping is more than 60-70 minutes can reduce the risk of stroke by 66%.

3. Out of control

Hunger is easy to make people lose control of emotion and patience. When things happen, they are easy to be impatient and want to quarrel and scold others uncontrollably. The survey shows that the phenomenon of 'Lu Nu' is closely related to hunger and hypoglycemia caused by eating too late.

4. High risk of gastric cancer

The life span of gastric mucosal epithelial cells is very short, about every 2-3 days to update, the update process is generally carried out at night when the gastrointestinal rest, such as dinner too late, the gastrointestinal can not rest, the gastric mucosa can not be repaired in time, over time may increase the risk of gastric cancer. If you often eat fried, barbecue and other food, the risk is higher.

5. High incidence of lithiasis

4-5 hours after a meal is the peak time of calcium excretion. If the dinner is too late, when the peak time of calcium excretion comes, people have fallen asleep, and the urine can not be excreted in time. A large amount of calcium in the urine will be deposited, which may form kidney, ureter, bladder and urethral stones over time.

6. Accident prone

Eating too late often means being hungry for too long. Not eating in time may lead to hypoglycemia, which has great damage to brain function. It can make people lose concentration, make mistakes and accidents easily, and even induce traffic accidents.

Five ways to save the delayed dinner

The busy work and the pressure of life make many people have to postpone the dinner time. Although there are many helpless, but the body is their own, everyone needs to take the initiative to arrange their own time. TCM experts give the following suggestions:

1. Best time: 6:30 p.m

It takes time for your stomach to digest food. You should try to have dinner around 6:30 p.m., preferably no more than 8:00 p.m. Because it's best to have dinner 3-4 hours before going to bed, otherwise it will affect sleep and increase the risk of obesity.

2. It's good to eat at home

Office workers should improve their work efficiency, try to work less overtime, try to arrange social intercourse and dinner at noon, and strive to go home for dinner on time every day. Studies have shown that eating at home will be more nutritious, help to control weight and prevent a variety of chronic diseases. Eating at home can also help children develop more reasonable eating habits, improve their academic performance and make family relations more harmonious.

3. Four kinds of food for emergency

If you can't eat on time for various reasons and have to eat after 9 o'clock, traditional Chinese medicine suggests that you'd better choose Cereals, beans, milk and fruits. These four kinds of foods have low fat content, are easier to digest and absorb, and will not bring burden to the gastrointestinal tract, such as millet porridge, hot soup noodles, and Geda soup.

4. Dinner in a few minutes

Even if you are busy, you have to eat according to the order. Office workers can prepare something to eat in the office, such as oatmeal, milk powder, raisins, dried red dates, nuts, fruits, etc., and make a nutritious dinner in a few minutes. For example, you can first make oatmeal with hot water, add some milk powder, raisins, walnuts, and then add a fruit, which can basically guarantee nutrition. In addition, some food can be prepared in the car to improve blood sugar and relieve hunger and anxiety in traffic jams.

5. Take out is nutritious

Many people always want to wait until they are finished eating, but they don't think about the feeling of their stomach. If you have to work overtime, you should also order a take out, but you must give full consideration to nutrition, follow the nutritional principle of not ordering fried food, ensuring vegetables and coarse grains, and it's better to add a fruit. When ordering foreign fast food, you'd better give up fried chicken, French fries and other fried food, and replace sweet drinks with hot black tea or milk. When ordering Chinese food, you should pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, such as two steamed buns filled with three delicacies, a bowl of millet porridge, and a plate of boiled lettuce or kelp. The operation and maintenance are relatively balanced, and steamed buns and dumplings are also good choices.

It's harmful for us to eat dinner too late, so even if we are busy with work, we should take time to eat dinner. A dinner can't take you much time.