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How to solve the problem of spring sleepiness in traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine reveals six causes of spring sleepiness. 'spring is coming, but I can't open my eyes every day. I'm sleepy. What can I do? 'spring is coming, full of vitality, everything revives, and the climate is pleasant, but it makes us drowsy and listless all day. In fact, this is what people often call' spring sleepiness'. Do you know why spring sleepiness occurs? How should we deal with it? Here's a detailed introduction :

Spring sleepiness is not a disease, it is a short-term physiological phenomenon that the physiological function of human body changes with the change of natural season and temperature. In winter, the human body in order to adapt to the cold environment, protect the body's temperature and prevent heat emission, skin and microvascular tension, maintain the body's physiological constant temperature and the central nervous system excitation information increase, so the human brain is relatively clean. In spring, when the temperature is moderate, the skin and muscle microtubules are in a state of relaxation, the blood flow is slow, the blood supply on the body surface increases, the blood flowing into the brain correspondingly decreases, and the excitatory stimulation information of the central nervous system weakens, so the sleepy phenomenon of "spring sleepiness" appears.

Chinese medicine introduces in detail the six major causes of spring sleepiness

1. Too much sleep. If you sleep 8 - 10 hours every night, you still feel tired and tired

2. I love taking medicine at ordinary times. Analgesics, anti cold drugs, antidepressants, anti anxiety drugs can cause drowsiness.

3. Smoking. After the body takes a certain amount of nicotine, it stimulates the brain to convey the command of releasing adrenaline. The central nervous system is excited and consumes excessive glucose in the body. Then, you feel excited. After this period of time, you will be more tired, and you will have to pay for your just excessive consumption of energy.

4. People who don't like sports have weak muscles.

5. A partial diet. You must know that if you eat too much lunch, you will become drowsy in the afternoon, because the stomach becomes the focus, and all the organs are busy helping it digest food.

6. Water intake is not enough. Every organ in the body depends on water to work normally, so if the body lacks water, the metabolism will slow down, which will cause a strong sense of sleepiness.

'lack of spring and sleepiness in autumn' is a normal physiological phenomenon of the human body. In daily life, we should exercise properly, cooperate with a reasonable diet, and ensure good health!