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How can a sauna be heated to death? What is the truth?

Xiao Bian also often goes to the sauna. We may have the same idea. It's very comfortable. Why is it so hot? What's the matter?

On April 17, a tragedy happened in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic: a mother and daughter took a sauna to relax when they were visiting a friend's house. As a result, the door handle of the sauna room fell, causing them to be trapped in the sauna room for 90 minutes. Finally, they died of high temperature and lack of oxygen.

It is reported that the mother and daughter are 65 and 45 years old respectively. On the same day, they went to visit their friends in Jicin Town, northeast of Prague. Friends decided to use their own sauna to entertain them, but such a tragedy happened.

Their friend later said that when she found out that the mother and daughter had spent too much time in the sauna, she went to the sauna room to visit, only to find that both of them died in the steamy sauna room.

From the photos released by the local police, it can be seen that the mother and daughter tried to break the glass window at the door of the sauna room, but failed to do so.

After noticing that something was wrong, the owner of the sauna immediately called the police and called an ambulance. Emergency personnel arrived for diagnosis and announced that the two died on the spot.

Local officials said the mother and daughter would be autopsied according to the procedure.

How long is the best time for a sauna

How often does the sauna steam?

Once a week is OK, do not steam more, steam more will take away the moisture inside the skin.

How much time is suitable for sauna?

No matter dry steaming or wet steaming, it's better not to exceed 20 minutes at a time. After steaming once, you can soak or flush cold water, which is called 'supercooled River', to make the discharged secretion flow away, and then steam for more than 10 minutes. You can only dry steam or wet steam, or alternatively, but the total time should be 30-40 minutes.

Precautions for sauna:

1. Don't go in and out of the steaming room frequently during steaming to avoid getting cold.

2. When steaming, don't rub the dirt on your body. Wipe it gently with a towel to prevent sweat glands from excreting normally.

3. To properly add water to prevent collapse, but remember not to sweat deliberately drink water.

4. One hour at a time is appropriate. Before that, exercise properly, but not too much. Pay attention to body relaxation.

5. Want to go to the toilet to defecate in time, do not bear to defecate.

6. Don't be stiff in case of any discomfort. It's better to leave and go to the rest room to relax for a while before entering.

Sauna has many benefits to the body, can lose weight more, but must be moderate, occasionally steaming is good for health.