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Can meditation make the brain younger?

Meditation can not only 'empty' the brain, but also keep it young. A new study from Jena University Hospital in Germany shows that regular meditation can make the brain of middle-aged people seven and a half years younger. Researchers point out that high concentration and complete relaxation during meditation can promote the growth of new brain cells, thus delaying the aging process of the brain. Never tried children's shoes, move!

With the increasing pressure of our life, many people have the phenomenon of brain power is not easy to use, and now the social pressure, excessive use of the brain leads to our brain become dull, so how should we exercise our brain?!

Read a Book

Reading not only does not take away 'energy', but also can effectively stimulate imagination and make the brain 'willing' to work actively. When you are in a bad mood, you might as well change your mind and look for a good book.

play a game

Playing games is a great way to challenge your brain. Sudoku (a number game), guessing and video games can improve your thinking speed and memory. These games depend on logic, writing skills, math or more. At the same time, they are very interesting. When you spend about 15 minutes a day, instead of a few hours, playing these games, you will benefit a lot.

Use your other hand

Do things with a hand you don't have much control over. If you are left-handed, open the door with your right hand. If you are right-handed, try to use the key with your left hand. This simple thing will give you a new way of thinking. Put your watch on the other hand to remind yourself of the change.

Remember phone number

When we call, the phone records every number. No one remembers phone numbers anymore, but it's a memory skill. Try to remember a new phone number every day.

Eat for your brain

Your brain needs you to eat healthy fat. Pay attention to cod liver oil, wild salmon, nuts (such as walnuts), seeds (such as flaxseed and olive oil). Eat more of these foods and less saturated fat. Remove trans fats completely from your diet.

break with convention

We like the routine. Those hobbies and entertainment, we can do for hours. But the more things become habits, the less the brain will be used. To help your brain stay young, challenge it. Change your usual route to the grocery store, open the door with your other hand, and have dessert first. All this will force your mind to come out of the habit and focus again.

Take a different path

No matter where you go, take a different road. This small change helps the brain practice special memory and sense of direction. To change the routine, try going to the grocery store from different directions.

Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill can exercise different areas of the brain. Let your memory work, learn new sports, and connect things in different ways. Reading Shakespeare, learning to cook, and building an airplane with toothpicks will challenge your mind and make you think.

Make a list

A list is a good thing. Making a list can help us coordinate our affairs. List all the places you've been, the delicious food you've eaten, the best gifts you've ever received, and the memories that touch you every day. But don't rely on them. Make your shopping list, but try not to use them. When you put everything in your mind into the cart, check the list again. Use the same method to make a list of what you need to do.

Choose a new skill

Look for something you're interested in. You can do it easily at home without spending too much. For example, taking pictures with a digital camera, learning to draw, learning a new musical instrument, learning a new way of cooking or writing are all good choices