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How does a man earn more than ten thousand by renting?

Have you ever heard that you can earn more than ten thousand yuan a month by renting out without violating the law and discipline? Today we'll take a look at this amazing profession~

Since March 26 this year, every afternoon, I have sent a message to a girl in the United States: "how are you today?" it has become a daily routine for six times. That morning, the girl added his wechat and paid him 1500 yuan. What he wants to do is to say hello to this girl every day. No matter what she returns, he doesn't need to reply. This service lasts for half a year.

Men rent their own monthly income over ten thousand, revealing various rental stories

This is the job of six times - renting yourself. For the past two years, he has been fully involved. Employers can rent him to do anything that does not violate the law and moral bottom line, and charge him from 66 yuan, but most of the time the price is random. By renting, you can earn more than ten thousand yuan a month at most. He wrote stories about each rental experience and pushed them with his WeChat official account. So far, he has written down more than 500 rental stories.

All kinds of rental stories

Some people rent me to go to the park to pick up a leaf as a new year's gift. Some rent me to ask ten questions. Some rent me to stand for ten minutes. Some people regard me as a tree cave. In the past few years, they have met all kinds of demands from tenants six times.

666 yuan

Save her half a year

On the night of March 29 this year, a post-90s girl named Xiaoba rented six times for 666 yuan. 'I need you to save money for me. I want to transfer money to you every day. The specific amount depends on my mood, but it will be transferred every day. 'said Xiao Ba to Liu Hui.

"How long, current or fixed?" I never thought that in order to survive, it must be fixed. "If you deposit half a year, you can only withdraw half a year. If I spend your money, my & lsquo; bank will close down and you won't be able to withdraw it. "I'll take my life. '……

Liuhui asked Xiaoba to leave his phone number and name, and gave his phone to the other party. Next, six times every day to do, is to record the small eight to his every sum of money, every week to send a summary record to small eight.

Six times he said, 'this is trust, the trust that two strangers build. '

456 yuan

When three months' tree hole '

At noon at the end of March this year, a girl nicknamed 'guess' rented six times for three months at a rent of 456 yuan. Six times to do is very simple - just as a 'tree hole' can, for the 'guess' sent to the message, you can not reply. That night, she sent more than 200 messages to six times.

Why do you want to do this? "Guess through" told reporters that there are many places where you can speak, such as the private trumpet on Weibo and wechat, but it seems that no one is watching. 'This tree hole won't black me, delete me, throw in all the bad ones, and he won't bounce back. '

66 yuan

Let him play ball with him in the bath

There are still many different requirements for tenants. On March 16, 2012, a tenant rented six times and asked him to go fishing with him. The tenant's original intention was to find the idea of renting six times very interesting. "He didn't have any idea, just thought it was fun. 'after spending four hours by the xiejiang River in Anren Town, the tenant found it both' nothing 'and' pleasant '.

In the same month, an uncle rented six baths and ball games for 66 yuan. The reason is only because he saw the persistent pursuit of life from Liuhui. The uncle learned about him through the magazines he worked for six times. "His deepest feeling is that between the lines, he can see his persistent pursuit of life, the simplicity and love of life of a rural child. So he decided to support one.

On April 6 of this year, a business was carried out in a cafe. Six times, there was almost no talk, and the tenant was handing out paper towels all the time. During the whole process, the tenant kept crying. The reporter contacted the tenant and said that the purpose of renting six times was' to have a stranger to comfort myself. After the lease ended, she told reporters: 'he made me willing to speak, opened my heart, and relieved my negative emotions. '

outside the box

Young people in the United States rent all their belongings

He just thinks of himself as his own property

The act of renting six times started in 2012. That year, he read a piece of foreign information in the magazine: an American young man took all his belongings to rent, sofa, refrigerator, microwave oven, bicycle, shirt & hellip; 'why don't you rent people out too?', so the idea of renting himself came into being. At that time, he was working as a reporter for a magazine in Chengdu. After communicating with the leaders of the unit, the column "rental six times" was launched on February 8, 2012. He rents himself out and records every rental story. 'it's all for fun. Six times in the first column.

After that, he resigned, left Chengdu, set up a stall in Dali, and then went to work in Beijing. In 2015, he returned to Chengdu to restart the rental plan. He made a living by renting himself, writing stories and earning rent.

Over the past two years, there have been more than 500 such stories. He said he was like a brewer, making all kinds of wine.

He earned his living on rent and kept his WeChat official account on the story of his own rental. 'on average, you can earn 6000 or 7000 yuan a month. In good times, you can earn more than 10000 yuan a month. If I was not rent by a person for a week, I would feel crazy. Because no one rent me, I can not write stories without writing a story, and I can't update the public numbers in time. Then I will not be concerned about it. Official account will not bring me income. This will lead to a vicious spiral. 'he said.

public opinions are divergent

What did he and they think?

Why can this kind of wonderful business go on? What's the psychology? Listen to Liuhui, tenants and experts.

Six times:

Trust makes renting fun

Why do customers rent a person? For this problem, Liuhui thinks that with the rapid development of society, people can play and feel new things in an endless stream, but people feel more and more bored and need to vent.

Liuhui said that in modern society, people often lack a sense of trust, but they need a sense of trust extremely. "It's a kind of trust that you use a taxi software to hit a car, it's also a kind of trust that you buy things online, and the communication between two people also needs trust. '

Six times said that this sense of trust will also make renting more fun. He said that recently, an employer rented him, wanted to tell him a big secret and paid the rent, but it was not good to say on wechat that he would wait until the employer came back from abroad. 'I'm looking forward to it. There's a sense of ritual. '


He is willing to listen to me

Chengdu Business Daily contacted Xiaoba, who rents Liuhui to help save money. She said that there is almost no reason to do this thing. "She just wants to insist on doing one thing. Why not deposit in the bank? I'm afraid the deposit bank can't insist, and I can't manage money. 'I found six times because of trust.' I've been following him for a long time, and I've watched him write about his experience of being rented on the Internet, so I want to experience renting a person. '

The girl in the United States, who rented six times and asked him to say hello to her every day, called "Xiaoxiao". When asked why she wanted to rent six times, she replied, "maybe it's because there is no one around me who has nothing to do with any circle in my life and is willing to listen to me. '


It's easier to talk to strangers

Wang Fang, associate professor of the school of psychology of Beijing Normal University and Secretary General of the Chinese society of social psychology, said that the reason why tenants are satisfied in this way is that 'the society is fast-paced and under great pressure, and the conflicts of interests between people are complex. It is easier for strangers to seek pure, safe and relaxed confidences. '

Why do some tenants in Liuhui rent things that seem boring but have no economic returns, such as' running ten laps' and 'buying you happy'? According to Wang Fang's analysis, there are two possibilities: one is' boring consumption '; When the economy develops to a certain extent, we will use some spare money to meet the seemingly unnecessary needs. It's purely a joke, just like someone watching others eat live. Another possibility is to satisfy the sense of control by doing something under my control, which is to satisfy the demand for control. '