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To play games and quarrel with my family and cut off my fingers in a rage?

Play the game to be scolded unexpectedly very angry, a word not to play self mutilation such behavior is nobody. Xiao Bian reminds us that the weather is dry in spring, and the fire is harmful~

On the evening of April 14, a 20-year-old boy in a town in Wancheng District, Nanyang, Henan Province, chopped off his left pinkie because he was playing a game and had an argument with his family.

It is understood that because Xiao Zhang was obsessed with a gun fight game, he spent several thousand yuan on the purchase of game equipment in half a year. On the night of April 11, because of playing games, Xiao Zhang and his mother had a quarrel again. In a rage, Xiao Zhang ran to the kitchen and cut off the little finger of his left hand with a kitchen knife. Due to timely delivery, Xiao Zhang's severed finger was successfully connected by the doctor of Nanyang Wancheng trauma microsurgery hospital five hours later.