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Why do dogs smell?


The first is abnormal grain metabolism, poor gastrointestinal digestion, imbalance of gastrointestinal flora, fermentation of abnormal ammonia taste. At this time, we should pay attention to adjust diet and gastrointestinal tract. Secondly, after dogs eat human food, food residue remains in their teeth, which makes their mouth stink heavily. However, such a taste will not remain for a long time, and the saliva in their mouth will generally flush the residue into their stomach. And persistent halitosis is often caused by periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is caused by the accumulation of dental plaque and tartar between teeth. Bacteria multiply in the warm and humid mouth and produce sulfur, which is the source of odor. Of course, serious dental calculus can also stimulate gingival inflammation and bacterial proliferation, which is also one of the causes of bad breath.

Tumors and ulcers in the mouth are also one of the important causes of bad breath. Sublingual cysts (hematomas) can also cause bad breath. If the mouth of the tooth stones and gingivitis or oral tumor hematoma and other conditions, as soon as possible to find a doctor for further examination, establish treatment, surgery or antibiotic treatment.

Generally, many dogs do not love to brush their teeth. Therefore, we should try small gauze on their teeth for a few months to gently brush them, and let them gradually get used to it. Later, they will turn to small toothbrushes for dogs. We usually use toothpaste that is not suitable for dogs. Because ordinary toothpaste will bubble, and dogs can not spit out and swallow up like us. It can cause stomach discomfort. We should buy toothpaste for dogs. This toothpaste has different flavors (such as chicken, beef, etc.), and dogs generally like it.

If you brush your dog's teeth, it's very uncooperative. You can buy some dog bite bone for it, which will help. Sometimes you can prepare some raw carrots for it to eat. The carrots can scrape away some tartar when the dog chews. In addition, if you make oxtail soup at home in the future, don't forget to leave a section of cooked oxtail for the dog. They are enjoying the delicious oxtail At the same time, the fiber of the meat and tendon on the oxtail will have some massage cleaning effect on the teeth, and even can clean the parts that are not easy to brush!

Daily eating habits also affect teeth. Generally speaking, dry dog food is better than wet dog food (canned food). Wet dog food is easy to make teeth accumulate tartar, while dry food is hard and crisp. When dogs bite dry food, they can scrape off the surface of teeth by the way. Some owners are used to putting dog food there all day, and dogs can eat it whenever they want. In fact, it's not good to do so, because The bacteria in the mouth will be more active every time you eat. If you feed it twice a day, the bacteria will only be active twice.

2. Smell from skin:

If the pet has wounds, infection will lead to a large number of bacteria, odor is very common. In addition, estrus and childbirth, endocrine disorders, etc., will make the dog produce abnormal odor.

All kinds of skin diseases have certain abnormal taste or no, regular inspection of the body surface, touching and cleaning, are a way to communicate with the baby.

Parasites on the body surface, biting the skin, causing bacterial infections, or pet's extremely frequent scratching, will have a bad smell. There is often another source of bad smell. Dogs lick their skin with their tongue for a long time. The tongue will bring bacteria, saliva and dust to their fur, which will also cause bad smell.

It is recommended that you take your dog to a professional hospital to have a check-up and eliminate the dog's body odor. In addition, it is recommended that you use sulfur soap combined with professional pet bath fluid to bathe your dog. Sulfur soap can kill fungi, mites and ectoparasites. Usually, when bathing, you should pay more attention to wash your feet, break off your feet, wash them, and squeeze the anal gland regularly, so that the dog's taste will be lighter. Clean up the anal gland for it. Cleaning up the anal gland can also get rid of the dog's bad smell (the correct way is to turn up the dog's tail, protrude the anus, and squeeze the finger at 4.8 o'clock on the side of the dog's anus). At this time, there will be something smelly. Remember that it must be from the inside out, from light to heavy. It's easy to practice and master it slowly

And remember to clean your dog's ears after every bath. You can also buy some ear washing water to wipe it

And then buy some deodorant biscuits for dogs. The effect of deodorant biscuits is very obvious, especially for dogs with stinky poop

Also, never use a perfume to spray a dog because it contains alcohol.

3. Stomach qi in the body

The stomach gas of a dog is the source of bad smell. 99% of the gases in the small intestine of a dog are odorless, such as nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide. Whether dogs have stomach gas can be estimated from the food they eat. If you eat rotten food or foods with high protein and high sulfur content of amino acids, such as soybeans, soybeans, etc., you will produce odor. The method of control is very simple. As long as you provide your dog with food that is easy to digest, low in fiber and contains an appropriate amount of protein, you can also ask your familiar veterinarian for advice. If a dog is nervous when eating, or if he eats too fast, he will swallow a lot of air into his stomach. If there is no progress in changing the dog's diet, it will embarrass you and your dog. Too many bacteria in the intestine, intestinal obstruction, gastrointestinal disease will cause persistent stomach gas

4. Abnormal odor in ears:

If the smell in the ear canal is enough to smoke the whole room, it may be bacteria, fungi, mites, otitis externa, otitis media, tumor, infection, etc. regular nursing is recommended, and the babies will have a pair of healthy ears.

Dog's ears also often waft odor, as long as the owner with the right way to clean the earwax, can reduce the occurrence of this situation. The existence of earwax can help the ear to fight against external sources of disease. The color of earwax is white, light yellow, yellow, and the shape from powdery, massive to muddy is normal, but it must be cleaned regularly, otherwise normal ears will have bad taste. In the past, most of the owners used cotton swabs to clean the dog's ears, but if the dog's earwax is wet and soft, it will push the earwax to the deeper ear carelessly, causing discomfort to the dog's ears. In this case, it is best to soften the earwax with liquid medicine first, and then use the power of the dog's ear flap to remove the earwax.

5. Around the eyes or anus:

Around the eyes, most of them are caused by excessive secretion of tears and eyelids, and the owner's untimely cleaning can lead to eczema or the proliferation of mites or bacteria. Around the anus, it may be that the anal gland is not cleaned for a long time, or the fecal residue after defecation of pets, or perianal tumor, traumatic infection, etc., are the sources of taste.