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When people are sad, how many days is the limit of sadness?

People often lose their senses when they are sad. Do you know how many days are they sad?

Many people have experienced breaking up with their lovers or losing their loved ones. The resulting sadness will often crush people and can't be recovered for a long time. Originally, this is because sadness lasts the longest in emotion. Researchers have studied the duration of different human emotions and found that sadness lasts up to five days, which is 240 times as much as shame and fear.

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Sadness solution:

Find someone older than you, who can be trusted and understanding, and tell him about your misfortune.

Find someone who can give you guidance and let him give you advice.

Find a place to be alone, such as your own room. And tell others not to disturb you.

Let out all the uncomfortable emotions such as unhappiness, depression, sadness and so on. You'll feel better if you cry a lot.

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When you're done crying, lie in bed and think about what happened.

If it still makes you feel sad, keep crying. Don't be afraid, others can't see you, so don't be embarrassed, just prepare the tissue paper.

keep a diary. Write down what happened and how you feel in as much detail as possible, which will help you let go of your sadness.

You can rent a movie and eat your favorite snacks. According to their favorite position, lying in bed or on the sofa. Don't care about your scattered hair or your clothes. No one else will see you.

Invite a close friend to tell him or her what happened. Your friends can give you comfort, advice, hugs and make you forget your sadness.

Maybe when you go to bed, you can't help feeling sad. It doesn't matter. Just let it out, you will find yourself in a peaceful mood.