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Is it true that normal people don't need to take out their ears?

It's really normal to pull out your ears. Later, it was said by experts that normal people don't need to pull out their ears. How should the ear excrement be cleaned? Should it be piled up more and more?

You'd better not dig your ears with anything but cotton swabs. This pushes the wax deep into the ear, causing hearing loss and even damage to the eardrum.

Earwax is not dirty. Earwax is a substance secreted by the ear, which can kill bacteria and protect the ear canal. If you clean it all, it will be harmful.

In fact, the ear has the function of self-cleaning, many people do not need to clean up in their life. But it's determined by genetic factors. Some people have a lot of earwax. If you think there is too much earwax, you'd better not clean it with a cotton swab. It's better to go to the hospital and ask a doctor for help.

Earwax usually appears only in the external auditory canal. But because people always use cotton swabs to clean up, they push the wax deep into their ears, causing obstruction. Use a cotton swab to clean around the ear. Do not insert it into the ear canal.

The right way to clean your ears

You can clean your ears with salt water. Drop salt water into the ear canal, shake a few times, then rinse.

Baby oil, mineral oil and special ear canal cleaning oil can be used to clean the ears. If you're not sure if you're allergic, apply it on your wrist first, and then use it after an hour without allergic reaction.

It's also good to clean your ears with hydrogen peroxide. This is also a commonly used ear canal cleaning fluid.

It's best to buy a special ear dropper and use such a device to drop liquid into the ear canal.

If you are worried about the unexpected situation of your operation, you can also go to the doctor. They always have the right tools.

Experts stressed: if the earwax is not too much, or do not dig the ear, whether it is cotton swabs or other tools, will cause damage to the ears.