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How is menstruation black to return a responsibility?

The menstruation before is quite normal, but what menstruation comes recently is black how to return a responsibility? How to recuperate?

Some women do not pay attention to the phenomenon of menstrual blackening, but do not know that it may be a potential disease. Generally speaking, menstrual blackening is a manifestation of irregular menstruation, often accompanied by dysmenorrhea.

Here is the snow like hospital experts' menstrual blood is black how to return a responsibility 'for us to do a detailed answer. Netizen asks: expert Hello, excuse me menstrual blood is black how to return a responsibility? My menstruation postponed 3 days, came menstruation now, but it is black unexpectedly, I am very worried, also do not know this is how to return a responsibility, excuse me expert menstrual blood is black how to return a responsibility?

Expert answer: Hello, the color of normal menstrual blood is dark red, menstrual color is dark, menstrual blood is black how to return a responsibility? Menstrual blackening is mostly due to qi stagnation and blood stasis, menstrual blood stasis in the uterus for a long time, and menstrual blood blocked in the uterus can not come out, also can cause dysmenorrhea. If there is a long-term menstrual black, it is recommended to go to the regular gynecological hospital to do a B-ultrasound and endocrine hormone examination, to check whether the endometrium is thin, whether the estrogen level is low, so as to timely clarify their physical condition and timely treatment. Menstrual blood is black how to return a responsibility -- the reason that causes menstrual blackening 1, nerve endocrine function is maladjusted cause: it is the function of next hindbrain - cup of raw tea - ovarian axis is not stable or have defect mainly, namely menstrual disease.

2. Organic diseases or drugs: including local inflammation of reproductive organs, tumor and dysplasia, malnutrition; intracranial diseases; other endocrine disorders such as thyroid, adrenal skin holding dysfunction, diabetes, Sheehan's disease; liver diseases; blood diseases, etc. Adnexitis may occur in patients who use psychotic drugs, endocrine agents or intrauterine device.

Menstrual blood is black how to return a responsibility?

1. Keep the spirit happy, avoid mental stimulation and emotional fluctuations, individual in the menstrual period have lower abdominal distension, backache, breast pain, mild diarrhea, easy to tired, sleepy, emotional instability, irritability or depression and other phenomena, are normal, do not need to be too nervous.

2. Pay attention to hygiene and prevent infection. Pay attention to the sanitation of external genitalia. Never have sex during menstruation. Keep warm and avoid cold stimulation. Avoid overwork. Those with more menstrual blood should not eat brown sugar.

3. Underwear should be soft and cotton, with good ventilation. Wash and change frequently. The underwear should be dried in the sun.

4. Should not eat raw and cold, hot and sour and other stimulating food, drink more boiled water, keep defecation unobstructed. Blood fever before menstruation should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid eating onion, garlic, leek, ginger and other things to stimulate the transport of fire.