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What vegetable to eat can eliminate toxin?

In addition to poor resistance and bacterial infection, the main reason why people get sick is that there are toxins in the body. What do you eat to eliminate toxins in the body.

No1: balsam pear

Balsam pear has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, and it also contains an obvious anti-cancer active protein, which can enhance human immunity and remove harmful substances in the body.

NO2: mung bean

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mung bean can remove dampness and toxin, which has the effect of decocting and removing dampness. Therefore, it is suggested to eat more mung bean soup at ordinary times, especially in Meiyu season, and drink more mung bean soup in hot summer.

No3, water spinach

Studies have found that water spinach on Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, etc. have a certain inhibitory effect, often eat water spinach can play a cooling blood detoxification, boiling heat and other effects.

No4: watermelon

Many people know that watermelon has the most water content, so it has the effect of relieving summer heat, relieving thirst and diuresis. In fact, there is also the folk name of "natural white tiger soup", which shows the strong health care effect of watermelon.

No5: litchi

Many people think that litchi is warm and easy to get angry when eating too much, which aggravates diabetes. In fact, litchi is also rich in nutritional value. Studies have found that litchi can improve liver function, promote toxin excretion, and nourish yin and kidney.

No6: pig blood

It has the effect of clearing intestines and detoxifying, especially when the plasma protein in pig blood is absorbed and decomposed, it will produce a kind of decomposition product that can clear intestines, especially for harmful metal particles and dust. Therefore, many medical experts suggest that people engaged in cleaning, drivers, construction and other work should eat more pig blood to promote detoxification.

No7: Tea

Tea has the effect of refreshing, producing fluid and relieving thirst, especially the tea dove itself is a natural antioxidant, which has the effect of scavenging active free radicals. Studies have found that the incidence rate of cancer and cancer such as persisting in drinking tea is relatively low.

No8: Brown Rice

Brown rice is one of the most common coarse cereals. It has the reputation of "plumber" to clean the large intestine, especially the excess sediment of the holy intestine.

No9: Honey

Often drink honey has the effect of moistening the lung and relieving cough, moistening the intestines and defecating, so often drink honey also has a certain help to discharge the body's toxins.

No10: radish

Eating radish in winter and ginger in summer is a popular folk saying. In fact, both white radish and red radish can reduce the concentration of mercury ion in the body, so eating more is helpful to promote cardiovascular health.

No11: Kelp

Kelp is rich in calcium, protein, carotene and other nutrients, it can be said that its nutrition is the most abundant. Especially after the iodine is absorbed by the human body, it can accelerate the excretion of pollutants and inflammatory effluents, and has good health care effect on promoting the excretion of harmful substances. Everyone can eat kelp, especially for middle-aged men to eat kelp to promote prostate and kidney health.

No12: Auricularia auricula

Auricularin has the reputation of "vascular scavenger", especially the plant gum has a strong adsorption capacity, which can absorb the impurities in the digestive system of the human body and then excrete them out of the body, thus playing the role of clearing the intestines.

Warm reminder: the above foods belong to the food with detoxification effect in life. In addition, more exercise can promote the excretion of sweat, pay more attention to rest, especially let the liver get a reasonable rest, which has a very good health care effect on detoxification.

Be alert! You need to detoxify these problems


If you defecate more than 3 days or more, you may have constipation. According to different symptoms, constipation can be divided into habitual constipation and incidental constipation. The large intestine forms feces and controls defecation, which is one of the main channels for the body to excrete toxins. If the poison is stored in the body, it will affect the operation of the spleen and stomach, cause the conduction disorder of the large intestine, lead to intestinal obstruction and constipation. Long term constipation, feces can not be discharged in time, will produce a lot of toxin accumulation, these toxins are absorbed by the human body, will secondary gastrointestinal discomfort, halitosis, stains and other symptoms, leading to the weakening of human organ function, decreased resistance.


If your body weight exceeds the standard weight by 20%, or your body mass index [body weight (kg) / body surface area (M2)] is greater than 24, you are obese. Obesity is a disease of over nutrition. If we eat too much high-fat and high calorie food for a long time, toxins will breed in the body, which will cause imbalance of the body and lead to obesity. In addition to weakness, mobility, wheezing, palpitations, fear of heat, sweating or low back pain, lower limb joint pain and other symptoms, most of the patients have abnormal metabolism and endocrine of sugar, fat, water and other substances.


Endocrine changes, long-term oral contraceptives, liver diseases, tumors, chronic alcoholism, sunlight are the causes of melasma. Everyone expects to have a good face, but I don't know when, your face appeared yellowish brown or light black patches, which were map like or butterfly like patches, so that the skin lost its original tender luster.


Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin disease of hair follicles and sebaceous glands. All kinds of toxins produce a lot of toxic substances under the action of bacteria, which endanger the whole body with blood circulation; when the discharge is blocked, it will seep out through the skin, making the skin rough and acne. In addition, trace element deficiency, mental stress, high-fat or high carbohydrate diet are the causes of acne. So we can't just pay attention to face and ignore the environmental protection in our body.


Halitosis refers to a symptom of foul breath in the mouth, which is caused by the accumulation of heat in the lung, spleen and stomach or the stagnation of food. If these things can not be excreted in the body for a long time, they become toxins. Some oral diseases, such as oral ulcer, dental caries and digestive system diseases, can cause bad breath.

skin Itch

Skin is the largest detoxification organ of human body. Sweat glands and sebaceous glands on the skin can excrete toxins that cannot be solved by other organs through sweating. External stimulation, irregular life, mental tension, and endocrine disorders weaken the function of the skin, which will cause itching. Chronic gastritis: it is a kind of chronic gastric mucositis caused by uncontrolled diet, weakness of spleen and stomach, and overwork, which forms a kind of symptoms of toxin in the body and Qi and blood barrier.