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Why are dogs closest to humans?

Dogs are good friends of human beings, and they are very close to human beings. Do you know the reason why dogs are close to human beings? The following is a summary of the reasons why dogs like to be close to human beings. Let's have a quick look~

Why dogs like to be close to humans

At first, dogs were used to see or eat. Once in a while, dogs like to be close to people, which may be the beginning of human dog. The dog will have a strong psychological alert to things that are not used to seeing. If there is any abnormality, it will also tell the people around by barking. People use this ability of dogs to make them see. These people probably want dogs around them.

For puppies, the time to cultivate sociality is from 4 weeks to 12 weeks after birth. During this period, it is very important to deepen the communication between dogs and people. If the dog is isolated at this time, it will become timid and not easy to get used to contact with people.

Dogs who have been living in groups have a strong instinct for collective life. Therefore, dogs will feel that the family they live with is the group they belong to. Dogs are used to collective action, and they are also subject to stronger people or group leaders. It plays an important role in the common life of man and dog.

Humans know that dogs have been used to being with people and will obey people's orders. Then they begin to take them to hunt together. Dogs have a keen sense of hearing and smell, can be the first to find prey, can also chase or bite prey. In the process of hunting, they help people a lot.

After that, humans began to actively raise dogs, choose dogs that are closer to people and more capable, and devote themselves to their breeding. Through training, dogs are more and more widely used.

Because of the habit of keeping dogs, human life has changed a lot. People choose new born animals or docile animals from the animals that eat grass, and raise them with the experience from raising dogs. Human beings began to raise livestock and began to store food.

Dogs also bear the responsibility of helping humans prevent livestock from escaping and resisting foreign invasion. With the help of dogs, humans expanded the scale of animal husbandry and gradually lived a stable life. With the development of agricultural activities.

People who had settled down kept storing food and gradually formed large tribes. After that, in order to get more fertile land, there was competition among tribes.

Therefore, human beings are not only on guard against carnivores, but also against external people. In this process, the dog's vigilance to strangers and the ability to tell people that something abnormal has happened by barking also play a great role.

Like this, in the process of seeing dogs, hunting dogs and shepherds, and watching dogs, the relationship between humans and dogs has become more and more profound.

Tips for dog feeding in old age

1. After the dog enters the old age, the amount of activity will be reduced correspondingly, and the energy required by the body will also be reduced, so we should pay attention to the weight of the dog. If necessary, reduce the amount of feed to prevent obesity. Obesity will directly affect the life of the dog, so we should pay attention to the weight of the dog at any time and change the dog's diet.

2. Some dogs will suffer from cervical spondylosis when they are old, which makes it difficult for them to bow their heads when eating. All dog owners raise the height of the food plate to the height convenient for dogs to eat.

3. Change the dog's diet menu to relieve some of the dog's diseases. If the old dog has some diseases, you can take the dog to the pet hospital to consult the specific food for the dog's disease, to change the dog's meal list.

4. The digestive system of old dogs will decline. Elderly dogs should be fed more meals and less food, choose easy to digest, high nutrition food to feed dogs.

Dogs like the performance of their owners

1. Lick your mouth

Even people who don't have a dog must know that the action originally came from licking the mouth when the little dog asked the female dog for food. Although every time I make my face full of saliva, it also means that the dog really loves us.

2. Looking straight at you

Does your dog often stare at you? In fact, this behavior of looking directly at the owner is also a kind of emotional expression of the dog. It is said that eye contact with the dog is also evidence of a good trust relationship between the owner and the dog.

3. Yawn by the host

Just like people can infect each other and yawn, it is said that there is a certain degree of trust relationship between people who can infect each other and yawn. The closer people are, the easier they are to be infected by each other and yawn. The same is true between the owner and the dog. The higher the trust relationship is, the easier they will be infected with yawn.

4. Put your chin on your feet

Of course, it is also a kind of coquetry behavior of dogs. At this time, if you gently touch its head, the dog will be more happy.

5. Lean on you

It is said that dogs or wolves will lean their butt against others when they relax with each other. When dogs lean their butt against you, that is to say, their back is to you, it means that they are relaxed and at ease.

6. Close to you after dinner

For a dog, eating is the most important thing, and the next action after he is full also represents the second thing he attaches importance to. So being close to the owner after eating also means that the dog really likes you.

7. I'll see you off quietly when I go out

It means it's sure you'll come back. On the contrary, if the dog is noisy when going out, it means that it will feel uneasy when you are not at home, and does not mean to trust the owner.

8. The host was very excited when he came home

This is also the greatest sense of achievement for everyone to raise a dog. Even the family won't have such a big reaction to you when you go home every day, but even if you go out to buy a dish, the dog can be warmly welcomed as if you haven't seen him for 10 years. Of course, this also means that he is really happy with our return.

9. Give you his favorite toy

For dogs, toys are like communication props with their owners. Sometimes they don't just want you to play with them, but want to prove your sense of existence.

10. Sleep together, with your stomach out

Dogs are social animals, so it's natural for them to sleep with their owners. And the dog show belly originally also represents to your obedience and trust, can use such an unprepared sleeping position with you to sleep, also represents it is really at ease.

11. Originally stick in your side but suddenly leave

When you see the owner focusing on other things, the dog will suddenly leave and run to other places. It turns out that dogs in the wild can relax and rest only when the leader of the dog group is around. The reason why dogs suddenly leave us is that they feel relieved by their owners, so they can leave and find a place to rest.