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Why can't you cover your head when you sleep?

when we sleep, parents always remind us not to sleep with our heads covered ~ why can't we sleep with our heads covered?

it is a bad sleep habit to sleep with your head covered in the quilt. It not only makes people not get enough rest, but also has adverse effects on health. People breathe all the time, inhale fresh oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, so as to keep all parts of the body in good condition. However, when the head is drilled into the quilt to sleep, the thick quilt is like a wall, isolating the sleeper from the outside world, unable to exchange gas. As a result, there is less and less oxygen and more and more carbon dioxide in the quilt. Due to the lack of sufficient oxygen, the organs in the body can not work normally, which will eventually have adverse effects on the body. Because of lack of oxygen, people who sleep with their heads covered will suddenly feel chest tightness and shortness of breath, or be awakened by nightmares in the middle of the night, sweating all over, as if they have just experienced a fierce fight.

Tips for improving memory

There is a Tianzhu acupoint on the lateral hairline of the posterior cervical fossa and a Fengchi acupoint on a little bit. Massage these two acupoints, can improve the blood supply of the brain, enhance brain function and memory. The method is: two hands cross back brain, thumb up and down gently rub Tianzhu point and Fengchi point. Massage chin, head back, to strengthen the massage effect.