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Why does hypnotic take much meeting to die? What is the feeling that takes hypnotic to die

In fact, sleeping pills in our daily life is also a more common drug, this drug is actually used in many diseases, especially those that can cause patients unable to sleep at night, such as common climacteric syndrome, anxiety disorder and so on. But overdose of sleeping pills can have other serious consequences. Next, let's have a specific understanding of why sleeping pills can lead to the death of patients.

For the problem of why sleeping pills will die, in fact, patients should know that patients are actually poisoned by drugs. Sleeping pills will inhibit the patient's central nervous system, if the patient takes too much, it will lead to respiratory depression and death, so the patient's use of drugs should also be under the guidance of the doctor, which is more secure.

In addition to this, the patients also need to know some kinds of drugs. The first generation of hypnotic drugs include barbital, chloral hydrate, tribromide mixture and hydroxyzine (antale), etc., the second generation of hypnotic drugs include benzodiazepine sedative hypnotics, and the third generation of hypnotic drugs include zolpidem, zaleplon, zopiclone, etc., so patients can learn more about them.

In addition, patients need to know more about some people who are not suitable for sleeping drugs. Its common such as pregnant women, lactating women, the elderly and the weak, have heart, liver and kidney disorders, sleep disordered breathing, myasthenia gravis patients and drunk and so on, these are not suitable for the application of sleeping drugs, so these patients should also pay attention to.

If patients have some other physical conditions during the use of drugs, they must stop using drugs and seek medical treatment in time. It can only be continued if the doctor indicates that the patient can continue to use it. Patients must pay attention to this.