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Why should the glory of the king fight against the wild? What's the use of the glory of the king

Playing field is a common method in King's glory, but what's the use of King's glory? In order to help players understand how to play wild, Xiaobian specially brings the king's glory playing field strategy.

"Glory of the king" this game can be divided into line period and group war period, can also be divided into early stage, middle stage and late stage, both of which meet and are different from each other. The early stage of the game includes the line-up period and a certain group battle. In the passers-by Bureau, the early game rhythm has a profound impact on the players' fight between the defense tower and the crystal. For this important early stage of the game, playing field position is probably the position that can most influence the rhythm of this period. Today's small series for you to play wild players to bring five common mistakes, I hope to help you.

Misunderstanding 1: only focus on their own wild areas and online, ignoring the other side's field

A mistake that many players who are not good at playing field position often make is to focus on their own field area and the gank of online hero, thus ignoring the interference that the enemy can bring. At the same time, we should know or judge the position of the opponent.

In the normal opening stage, if your side's wild hero is strong and has multiple displacements, many players like to squat in the opponent's field at the first level. In the middle and low end games, this success rate is very high. After playing wild sword, the initial damage of punishment is more than 1000 points. This is what we must know when fighting for wild monsters with punishment.

However, Xiaobian likes to open the field by himself, direct two levels, and then go to the opponent's blue buff field area to catch the opponent's field. At this time, the opponent is likely to be fighting small wild monsters alone. In general, his skills are just released soon, and his blood volume is generally about one-half. This is good for my health and I have two skills in hand, and the success rate of killing the opponent is very high.

Myth 2: health or frequent return to the city

"Glory of the king" is a faster hand game than other MoBa games, such as killing wild monsters, regular replenishment of the treatment pack, and their own recovery skills. These can supplement the state of heroes. However, many wild heroes have to go back to the city to replenish their health when they have three-quarters of their blood. After a game, a lot of time is wasted. How good it is to clear troops, brush the wild, steal towers and catch people However, it has been abandoned by many players who cherish their lives.

Myth 3: brainless gank

In the current version, every gank means a high-risk investment. You could have used gank's time to brush more fields and make your economy better. This requires wild players to be able to better and more efficient gank.

At the right time, the enemy on the gank line.

Several obvious gank opportunities, of course, are when you have a certain gank ability - the enemy does not flash; the red buff is in the hand; when the enemy presses the line; when the enemy finds the enemy's field crouching in the grass, etc. It's easy to kill when the enemy doesn't have blink and shift skills. It's important that you ask your teammates to send you such a message, so you can have a maximum of 2 minutes to target the enemy who has lost blink.

The probability of killing at other opportunities of gank is far less than that when the enemy loses flash. However, you should still use gank or anti squat at these moments to play the enemy's flash or help teammates recover their disadvantages. In this way, your investment in gank is also very profitable.

Myth 4: either only gank not brush, or just brush not gank

Some players who are not good at playing wild think that the core goal of playing field is gank. When they play wild, they will go crazy about gank, which is a very wrong behavior; correspondingly, some players will give up gank completely and brush the field continuously in the field area, which is also wrong.

When choosing to play field, don't be too paranoid about one thing.

Here, the balance between gank and brush field is emphasized. If you are a gank type outfield player, the core task is to help the team establish advantages. You should always pay attention to the online situation and appropriately increase the number of ganks. After the failure of the gank, you can supplement your economy by brushing the field. Generally, you will wipe out all the wild monsters in one side of the wild area, and go home or continue depending on the situation.

If you are a brush field output type, the core task is to make a reasonable brush field order, so as to maximize the economic level and brush field, while paying attention to the online, choose the gank line in your stronger timing.

Myth 5: be a slave to your teammates

Some online teammates will often call for help in the field, even when they can't even have eyes. What's more, they will impose the cause of death on them because of their mistakes, complain that they can't help, or ridicule that they are 100 times better than you.

Make sure your position is "fight wild father" instead of "fight wild son". Don't be a slave to your teammates.

Playing field is the most difficult position in the early stage of the game. Online teammates only need to play the right line. However, there are a lot of things to consider in playing field. Countless wild monsters, Bruce Lee and reward thieves need to play field positions to control, judge the opponent's position in the field, and pay attention to the line of soldiers. In short, playing field position requires constant decision-making, which can't cover all aspects. For example, when the opponent's off-road gank appears in the field, the road must be in a vacuum state. If we happen to be in the upper part of the field and it is too late to support, we can choose to go to gank on the road or brush his wild area.

At this time, if your teammates want to influence your judgment and action, you should weigh the pros and cons and follow your own rhythm. Of course, if your teammates give you valuable information or a great chance to get a chance, there's no doubt about it. But if some teammates make unreasonable demands or taunt, don't explain what, just ignore it directly, and don't affect your game mentality.


Top wild players can take all real-time game factors into account and make the most accurate judgment quickly. For our passers-by, what we need to do is to do a good job in a certain quality of the game, such as the detailed operation of the gank, the number of brush fields, dragon control, anti field and so on. After doing it well, we will become an excellent wild player one day.

What's the use of the king's glory fighting field? The whole content of the king's glory fighting field strategy, I hope to help you.