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Why to drink coffee to meet diarrhoea? Can come menstruation drink black coffee?

Many people like to drink coffee, coffee is the favorite of many white-collar people, so women drink coffee well? To menstruation can drink coffee?

The disadvantages of excessive coffee consumption during menstruation

Drinking coffee before and during menstruation can cause breast distension and pain, cause anxiety, irritability and emotional instability, and also consume vitamin B stored in the body, thus destroying carbohydrate metabolism.

Caffeine in coffee is a stimulant, which can easily stimulate nerves and cardiovascular system, resulting in menstrual pain, prolonged menstruation and excessive menstrual blood.

It's not good for women to drink coffee during menstruation. Because drinking coffee during menstrual period will increase the female hormone in the body, make some gynecological diseases worse, such as endometriosis and breast swelling, and even affect fertility. Drinking coffee during menstruation can significantly increase female hormones in the body, affect the number of eggs in the ovary, aging the ovaries, and accelerating the aging of all human functions.

Benefits of a small amount of coffee during menstruation

Coffee contains more caffeine, menstrual flow, the body's internal environment will change to a certain extent, at this time, a small amount of caffeine can alleviate the discomfort of girls menstrual period.

Caffeine can stimulate the central nervous system and muscles, so it can invigorate the spirit, enhance the ability of thinking, and restore muscle fatigue. In the cardiovascular system, it can improve heart function, make blood vessels dilate and promote blood circulation.

Dietary precautions for women during menstruation

Menstrual period should eat light, taste flat, rich in nutrients.

Menstrual period should eat fresh, easy to digest food.

Do not eat spicy food with strong irritation.

Also should not smoke, drink alcohol, lest stimulate the blood vessel dilation, causes the menstruation to advance and the menstruation quantity is too much.

Do not eat raw, cold, difficult to digest food. Because menstrual period if eat raw and cold food, one is harmful to digestion, the other is easy to damage the human body Yang Qi, resulting in menstrual blood flow is not smooth, resulting in excessive menstrual blood, even dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and so on.

The best coffee time

About one sixth of the world's people have a good habit of drinking a cup of black coffee every morning, and more and more Chinese people begin to accept such an imported product. When you are tired in the afternoon and breakfast, you'd better have a cup of black coffee, which can not only promote metabolism and digestive system function, but also refresh your mind, improve attention and memory, and double your work efficiency! It's better not to be greedy after 5 p.m., otherwise insomnia may come to you~

Coffee in moderation is a good habit

Compared with all kinds of canned drinks, coffee is definitely a natural and healthy drink! Get rid of the hyped 'functional' drinks advertised. Fresh black coffee without additives and excessive sugar is the best companion for taste and body. Coffee not only has low calories, but also protects cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of disease, helps digestion and weight loss. In addition, coffee also contains many antioxidants, niacin and lactone are good things for your health. But also must know, the extreme must reverse, take too much caffeine easy addiction. Once there is no such foreign stimulant, there will be a "rebound" - fatigue, fatigue, headache, depression are the most common withdrawal symptoms, so the daily intake of black coffee should not exceed three cups.

When is coffee not easy to drink

You can't have a cup of coffee at any time. You must give up coffee during several special physiological periods of a woman. During menstruation, pregnancy and lactation, coffee stimulates the central nervous system and cardiovascular system, which may cause excessive menstruation, pain and increased risk of miscarriage. In addition, the sisters with weak gastrointestinal function must act according to their ability, especially do not drink coffee on an empty stomach, because coffee has a certain stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, which can cause diarrhea and stomachache~

Enough, too much coffee affects your health

Don't drink coffee when you are nervous and anxious. Caffeine doesn't calm you down very quickly. It also increases blood pressure and heart rate, which aggravates the tension. Coffee can also cause calcium loss. Caffeine can combine with free calcium in the body and excrete with urine. Over time, calcium in bones will be deficient, resulting in osteoporosis.