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Why doesn't Maggie Cheung marry? Uncover the truth that Maggie Cheung doesn't get married!

Although Maggie Cheung was a famous Hong Kong star in her early years, her life in recent years seems to be not going well. There are often media exposure on the Internet of Maggie Cheung's photos, but often the look of Maggie Cheung in the photos is not good.

As a Hong Kong star in her early years, Maggie Cheung was very famous in mainland China. Despite her reputation, Maggie Cheung's life in recent years seems to be not going well. Media often expose her photos on the Internet, but she often looks not good, very thin and haggard. Today (12.2), the news about Maggie Cheung was reported on the Internet. Her 15-year-old boyfriend was exposed last year. She is a Chinese British hybrid. The two are often photographed walking dogs and shopping together by Hong Kong media. But a year later, Maggie Cheung returned to her old place, but she was no longer the little boy friend around her. In the recently exposed photos, Maggie Chang is also very thin, affectionate and haggard. It seems that she has just experienced some blows.

Some media speculated that the reason why Maggie Cheung broke up with her 15-year-old boyfriend may be because of the big age gap. Unfortunately, the relationship lasted only one year before breaking up. According to the media, after the break-up, Maggie Chang flew to Europe to relax for a while. It has returned to Hong Kong. On Monday, Maggie Cheung and two friends went for a dog walk in Repulse Bay. On that day, her dress was very mysterious. She had a duck cap, a black super and a full range of masks. Her whole face was not airtight until she was addicted to cigarettes and pulled down her mask to smoke.

From the former vase to the present shadow queen, Zhang Manyu, who has been a shadow for more than 20 years, is still a myth. Although she has been gone for 5 years and is over 40, she still appears in people's eyes. On June 30, Zhang Manyu visited Hunan Satellite TV's tell your story. She talked about her dream, love concept, two major turning points in her life and some life experiences and feelings. She confessed that after a marriage, she found that she was really not suitable, but she still needed love. On love: not suitable for marriage, but need love. Zhang Manyu said that when she was 20 years old, she fantasized about finding a loved one to marry and have children.

Although she grew up in England and developed a tomboy character, she is still a traditional Chinese woman: she will sew a purple skirt for herself when she is 13 or 14; she will live in seclusion and make soup for her lover; she will make a colorful salad by herself and enjoy it by candlelight; Zhang Manyu has loved, hurt and hurt boldly, but she has never regretted it, because in her opinion, what she will regret, try not to think about it, but to continue to firmly adhere to hellip; & hellip; "So, when Liang Chao Wei, who had the most tacit understanding but had no relationship with her, admitted that he was going to marry Carina Lau, and that Xiao Bao (ER Dongsheng), once his favorite, finally got married in a low-key way. Zhang Manyu still smiles and sends his blessing.

Some people describe Maggie Cheung as a "woman who loves to fall in love", because in the past, when she "disappeared", she was in love; whenever she appeared again, she was lovelorn again. Even so, she will still be determined to go to different places for love. When she went to France alone, Maggie Cheung wanted to pursue her own love. But just after a sweet new marriage, she had to face the pain of divorce after filming "in love". The tortuous love experience makes her more and more aware of what she wants most. 'now marriage is not the whole of life, and I'm not suitable for marriage, but I still admit that I need love. Let yourself be more rich, so love a person will be different. '