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Why is type O universal blood? Blood type O is perfect. Why do you say that? synthesis: when it comes to blood type that determines fate, the first impression in your mind must be the subjective description of "blood type B is steady and steady" and "blood type AB is lively and active". But recently, through long-term observation and experiments, scientists have found that there is a scientific basis for determining the fate of blood groups. They even selected a 'King of blood types' -- type O blood!

Type O blood

The king of all-round perfect blood group 'health performance'

According to the latest research report of "blood group science", the human body functions of type O blood have great advantages compared with other blood types!

Type O men are four times less likely to suffer from impotence than other blood types;

Type O is also less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease (Alzheimer's disease). The British university scanned the brains of 189 people and found that people with type O blood had more gray matter. People with more gray matter are less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease after old age;

The risk of thrombosis in group O was 30% lower than that in other blood groups;

In addition, research institutions around the world have also found that type O blood is more resistant to malaria, gastric cancer or liver cancer, even if they get sick.

Usually, we are used to call type O universal blood. We think that type O blood can be transfused to any other blood type. But this is not accurate!

What we call "omnipotent" is only for the red blood cells of type O blood, which can be infused to patients of type A, B and ab. However, there are anti-A and anti-B antibodies in the plasma of type O blood, which may cause adverse reactions in the body of blood transfusions.

Although you can't directly give blood to people of other blood types, compared with other blood types, type O blood is also an emergency 'universal charge'!

Type a blood

Easy to suffer from cerebrovascular disease, but not easy to gain weight

Compared with type O blood, other blood types are not so perfect in health, but they also have their own characteristics.

Type a blood is closely related to cerebrovascular diseases, especially cerebral infarction, which is the first of all blood types.

This is because type a blood has a greater susceptibility to infection for the increase of blood viscosity, which is one of the important pathogenic factors of cerebral infarction.

The platelet adhesion rate of type a blood in migraine patients was also significantly higher than that in the normal control group.

People with type a blood are the least likely to change their weight.

Compared with the control group of other blood groups, blood group A has less gastric acid secretion and limited absorption of fat and protein in meat. Therefore, the process of 'growing meat' is relatively slow for them.

Even if they are obese, most people with type a blood also belong to "muscular obesity" rather than "puffy" as we often call them.

Type B blood

It is easy to suffer from tuberculosis and organ rejection

In terms of diseases, the proportion of TB patients with blood type B is generally higher than that of other blood types. In addition, dental caries is also a high incidence of disease in people with type B blood.

It should be noted that the rejection rate of organ transplantation in patients with blood type B is 2 times higher than that of people with other blood types, and the mortality rate related to rejection diseases is as high as 28%, which is twice as high as that of blood group A and 4 times that of blood group o.

Compared with other blood types, the absorption function of digestive tract in patients with type B blood is stronger. In this way, although it is easier to grow meat, but for the process of body growth and convalescence after a serious illness, people with type B blood are obviously stronger than those with other blood types.

Type AB blood

Susceptibility to schizophrenia

Although the rate of tuberculosis and pregnancy anemia in patients with AB blood type is much lower than that of other blood types, according to statistics, the probability of suffering from schizophrenia is more than three times higher than that of other blood types, and there is an obvious genetic tendency.

In patients with ischemic heart disease, AB type is also the majority.

Because there is no anti-A or anti-B agglutinin in the human body with type AB blood, they can accept red blood cells of type A, B or O blood, so they are called "universal blood recipients".

But like the "universal charging" of type O blood, the "universal blood receiving" is relatively speaking.

At present, all the regular medical institutions adopt the same type of blood transfusion if it is not needed urgently. In case of emergency, people with type AB blood can receive blood transfusion of other blood types, but the amount of blood transfusion should not be too large, otherwise there will be coagulation reaction.

Even so, the overall survival rate of AB blood group is higher than that of other blood types!

Seeing this, someone may have to ask: it's not always said that type B blood and type O blood love to be bitten by mosquitoes, why not mention it?

Because mosquito bites or not and blood type have nothing to do with it!

First, mosquitoes don't have the ability to distinguish blood types. They don't know what blood type delicious blood is;

Second, the mosquito's appetite is not 'blood', but the sugar content in the blood. These substances do not differ greatly due to different blood types.

The main factors that affect whether a mosquito bites you or not include the cholesterol content in your blood and the concentration of carbon dioxide around you. Therefore, people with high vital capacity or heavy breathing, such as fat friends or pregnant women, become the favorite of mosquitoes.

Although the above conclusion is drawn by long-term observation and experiment of scientists, it belongs to incomplete statistics after all, and there will inevitably be a small number of parts to be explored. According to the city express

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