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Why does leg have chicken skin? How to remove chicken skin quickly simple method

Chicken skin is the red spots on the skin. It feels like pimples. Although it has no effect on health, it is very beautiful. Some people try all kinds of methods to cure it, and they grow up again soon. So, in the end, how is chicken skin caused?

How is chicken skin caused? Chicken skin is genetic

There are many possible causes of chicken skin, and heredity is one of them. If you have chicken skin, your next generation is 50 percent likely to have chicken skin, which is the dominant inheritance of the 12th chromosome mutation in the human body. Such appearance of chicken skin is inevitable. But even congenital chicken skin can be completely removed by acquired treatment.

Chicken skin is caused by abnormal skin metabolism

If the metabolism of the skin is abnormal, the cuticle of the skin will become thicker and the hair follicle catheter will be blocked, which will cause chicken skin. In severe cases, it will even connect into a piece.

Chicken skin is caused by vitamin A deficiency

Vitamin A deficiency in the body may also cause the appearance of chicken skin, because the relationship between vitamin A and skin is very close, and taking more vitamin A also has the effect of skin care. Therefore, some people do not like to eat vegetables, which may cause chicken skin production. Therefore, after the appearance of chicken skin, it is necessary to eat vitamin a rich food, such as carrots, spinach and pig liver, or take vitamin A tablets every day.

Chicken skin is caused by environmental factors

If long-term exposure to low humidity or very dry air environment, may also cause chicken skin. Or the skin is directly exposed to tar, oil and other irritant substances, chicken skin will also produce. Therefore, if chicken skin appears on the skin, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is caused by the environment. If so, it is better to consider changing the environment.

What should chicken skin notice? Chicken skin should pay attention not to squeeze

Chicken skin will appear on the skin after the emergence of a small bumps, giving people an illusion that can be squeezed out, in fact, chicken skin is absolutely can not be squeezed out, because after extrusion, the skin around will become red and swollen, the opening of pores will become smaller, which is more likely to lead to pore blockage, and if the chicken skin is often squeezed, it is also easy to cause skin inside Pigmentation, even if the chicken skin disappeared in the future, the skin will also leave a piece of spots.

Don't over exfoliate chicken skin

Chicken skin is the cuticle is too thick to appear, so exfoliation is also a method to treat chicken skin, but even chicken skin, exfoliation should be appropriate, too hard or too frequent, not only does not benefit chicken skin, but also damages skin, especially on both sides of the face, and may lead to red blood silk.