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Why does the menstrual volume decrease after moxibustion? Why does menstruation decrease after moxib

There are moxibustion friends message: why moxibustion more than ten times, menstruation to less? And the color is black?

Maybe many moxibustion friends have encountered similar situations. Here is a reminder:

If the cold Qi in the body is heavy, after moxibustion, there will be a struggle between the good and the evil, which is what we often call the expelling reaction. When the cold Qi in the body is being discharged, but it has not been completely discharged, the cold Qi will temporarily block the meridians, showing that the menstrual volume is reduced and appears black.

Similarly, other abnormal reaction principles after moxibustion are mostly the same. For example, many moxibustion friends feel pain after moxibustion, which is also due to the struggle between the good and the evil. Moreover, the elimination of diseases is only temporary. After the moxibustion goes on, when the diseases and pathogens are completely eliminated, the body will become healthier.