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Why circumcision and the harm of long prepuce

(1) circumcision is recommended in modern medicine. It's more important for the woman to be clean after cutting, and it may increase sexual pleasure a little. (2) if you don't want to cut or don't want to cut recently, you should pay attention to hygiene. Every night should be opened to wash the foreskin mixed with urine dirt and secretions. You should wash it before you have sex. (3) the elasticity of prepuce should be very good. The glans should be exposed after erection. If it can not be exposed, it should be turned out manually. Otherwise, it can't be sexual intercourse and can't be cleaned. It can only be cut. I think you are still young, and you should be able to turn it out gradually. (4) go to the big hospital to cut. This is not because we are large hospitals, but small hospitals and small clinics can't even disinfect. It is possible to infect other diseases, such as hepatitis B and very serious venereal diseases. What's more, they can't deal with the possible complications of the operation. (5) in ancient times, who had heard of circumcision? Therefore, if the foreskin is loose or you really don't want to cut it, pay special attention to daily hygiene. It also has advantages: if you wash frequently, it is not easy to get sick and affect the woman. If you do not wash frequently because of circumcision, it will do harm to others and yourself. Some of our white coats are not cut. (6) if you can't make up your mind, you'll have plenty of time to cut before you're 40. ha-ha