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Jingtian costume drama glory of the Tang Dynasty

Entertainment news from all over the world: the ancient costume drama glory of the Tang Dynasty, directed by Liu Guonan and Yin Tao and starred by Jingtian, Ren Jialun, Wanqian, Shuchang, Yu Xiaowei, Qin Junjie and Mao Zijun, is adapted from cangmingshui's novel pearl legend of the empress of the Tang Dynasty. It tells the story of Shen Zhenzhu, a talented daughter of Wuxing, who is inseparable from Li Chu, the king of Guangping after the bloody feud, the deep palace struggle and the rebellion of an Shi The story of sticking to the righteousness of the country. The play premiered on Beijing TV and Anhui TV on January 29, 2017.

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Episode 59

Empress Zhang knew that Li Zhe's real identity was about to be revealed, so she couldn't think of any strategies to deal with it. Li Chu rushed into the Queen's Qingming palace with a sword. When Li Chu burst in, empress Zhang strangled her son. When the emperor and others came in, they only saw Li Chu holding the sword, while empress Zhang holding the child's body in pain! Li Chu said that the bitch strangled his own child by himself, and the emperor nearly killed Li Chu on the spot because of the pain of losing his son.

Li Chu hurriedly grasped the emperor's sword and asked him to find out the truth. The emperor ordered people to catch Li Chu, saying that he would wear a sword to enter the palace and kill the young brother. The crime should be punished and wait for her to fall! When Pearl saw that empress Zhang's bitter meat plan was successful, she knelt down and said that there was gossip outside about the identity of the little prince. The little prince had just died. It was easy to know if he was born. The emperor hesitated a little. Empress Zhang was devastated. She picked up the sword on the ground to wipe her neck. The emperor finally stopped her After empress Zhang's suicide, it's forbidden to mention whether the prince was born. Li Chu is under house arrest in the mansion.

Episode 60

In the palace of longevity, Li Chu was held responsible by the emperor. Li Chu begged the emperor to let Li Chu go. The emperor was so sad that he would never forgive him. In the palace of Jianning, the masked man brought Lin Zhi to Li Chu and forced him to write a confession. In order to protect the forest, Li Chu had to surrender and admit to killing him. Li Fuguo, the eunuch, ordered Li Chu to drink poison wine. Lin Zhi winked at Li Chu to show that he had an antidote, but the masked man saw through.

Li Chu drinks poison wine, and the masked man signals Li Chu to hand over the antidote. Li Chu knew that Lin Zhi would be involved even if he lived, so he turned the poison into rain. Li Chu died of poison, and Lin was in pain, desperately looking for the antidote that had been melted in the rain. At this time, fengshengyi arrived, injured the masked man, and found that the masked man was the maid ling'er beside empress Zhang. The masked man fled in a hurry, and fengshengyi pursued him. Li Chu and Pearl came to Jianning mansion. They saw that Li Chu was dead. Li Chu vomited blood. Fengshengyi comes back to tell pearl that when she is fighting with ling'er, she accidentally finds out that ling'er is he Lingyi Yirong. Pearl knows that the empress & hellip; hellip; is planning the Shen family tragedy;