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Hot show weekend parents 31-31 episode Xuanxuan's birthday Jiani fails to fulfill her promise

Four seas entertainment news: directed by Wang Wei, the TV series weekend parents starring Liu Kaiwei, Wang ou, Zhang Meng and Zhu Yongteng is on the air. The story takes "getting along with parents and children" as the main topic, and tells the story of Yu Zhiyuan and Zhao Jiani, a couple of "weekend parents" of the '80s generation, who are able to participate in the growth of their son and insist on self struggle and find the true meaning of family love.

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Preview of episode 31 - Shao Jie and Judy fight over the issue of children's promotion

After returning to family life, Shao Jie and Judy have another dispute over the issue of raising Shao Jie to a higher level. Judy has always reminded Shao Jie to attach great importance to this issue, and asked Shao Jie to accompany her to a parents' meeting at Duoduo school in the morning. Shao Jie, who is busy working in the morning, fell asleep at the parents' meeting, which makes Judy very dissatisfied with him.

Episode 32 Trailer - Xuanxuan's birthday, Jiani fails to fulfill her promise

Xuanxuan reminds Jiani that it's his birthday in the morning. His birthday gift wants the three-dimensional sticker. Jiani promises to send the gift to the kindergarten. Jiani, who bought the sticker, is temporarily called by a work phone to meet with the customer and can't fulfill her promise to her son. Xuanxuan feels that her mother is a big liar and makes a scene in the kindergarten.