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Why is Zhou Libo in prison? How much is Zhou Libo's wife worth? integration: over the years, Zhou Libo has not only appeared on the one week Libo show, but also appeared on popular talent platforms such as China's talent show and China dream show. His teasing has gradually developed into a kind of abuse. What is unacceptable is that he not only teased the society, but also insulted Guo Degang and Zhao Benshan.

For the Spring Festival Gala, he said: 'I don't care to go to the stage. The audience of the Spring Festival Gala is all farmers. I don't want so many farmers to know me. I can't bear to see those who wear skirts on the stage and jump on their feet (presumably everyone knows that he's talking about Little Shenyang), and then say that those who talk about cross talk shouldn't wear long shirts (say that cross talk doesn't wear long gown, this is criticizing master Guo), and then say that those who talk about skits shouldn't walk along the normal route, and learn from Zhao Benshan's expression and singing (everyone knows that he's talking about Zhao Benshan). He also said that many of his northeast friends would not pretend to be clowns. '

His arrogant attitude and ignorance of heaven and earth make a lot of people can't look down on him. As an actor, you can say a smile in a suit and tie is "superior", while others can say "inferior" in a long gown.

Zhou Libo is now a famous host in mainland China. Since he presided over "one week Libo show" and "China's talent show", Zhou Libo has become a front-line host in mainland China. The host style is humorous and generous, attracting a large number of audiences. However, it has been exposed that Zhou Libo has been in prison before, and many audiences want to know why Zhou Libo is in prison?

In 1990, 23-year-old Zhou Libo was sentenced to 205 days in prison for quarreling with his girlfriend's father who opposed his love, resulting in his eye injury. Later, although he married his wife, he was sued by his father-in-law, so Zhou Libo was sentenced to prison for less than a year, but after he came out, Zhou finally made peace with his father-in-law.

Forced to leave the stage, caused the comic world a pity.

Talking about the 'accident' that almost subverted his art career, Zhou Libo said: 'after all kinds of misunderstandings and twists, my father-in-law and I have already shaken hands and made peace. After all, my wife Zhang Jie and I really love each other. Today, we still take care of our father-in-law. And Zhang Jie, Zhou Libo's ex-wife, did not regret her choice before the third party stepped in: 'Zhou Libo has talent and responsibility. Everything in the past is just a misunderstanding. '

Zhou Libo and his former wife, Zhang Jie, belonged to the relationship between brother and sister. At that time, Zhou Libo was a comedian in Shanghai, and the comedians were looked down upon as foreign clowns and our ancient performers. In view of these reasons, Zhang Jie's father has always opposed Zhou Libo's association with Zhang Jie! One day in 1990, Zhang Jie's father asked Zhou Libo for a showdown. The conversation went badly. Both of them were very excited. They quarreled and quarreled. During the quarrel, Zhou Libo lost his hand and blinded Zhang Jie's father. Zhang Jie's father sued him, and Zhou Libo took a lawsuit and sat for 20 years Five days in prison. But later Zhang Jie married Zhou Libo. After Zhou Libo got out of prison, he still recognized Zhang Jie's father and took care of him. It's a pity that Zhou Libo and Zhang Jie, who have gone through all kinds of hardships to get married, still don't grow old together! In 2012, Zhou Libo divorced Zhang Jie and soon married Hu Jie, the rich woman. Zhou Libo's two wives have a word "Jie" in their names, which may be heaven's will!

On December 20, 2010, Mr. Zhou Libo, founder of Haipai Qingkou, married Ms. Hu Jie and held a grand wedding ceremony at Shangri La Hotel in Shanghai. The dinner will begin at 18:00 p.m. with 50 seats at the table, bringing together more than 600 celebrities from political, business and performing arts circles. Master Xingyun, the founder of Mount Foguang in Taiwan, will also bring 16 eminent monks to testify and pray for the new couple. On the eve of the wedding, Zhou Libo especially met with the media in the hotel and answered the media's questions one by one, stressing that the wedding was not a gimmick, and that all the gifts would be donated to charities mainly to support education and excellent poor college students.

Zhou Libo had a family before he met Hu Jie, but in order to be with his current rich girlfriend Hu Jie, Zhou Libo and his ex-wife Zhang Jie agreed to divorce on January 24 this year. After the divorce, Zhou Libo and his rich girlfriend Hu Jie were together in a high profile. Before that, Zhou Libo's rich girlfriend Hu Jie not only had a marriage but also had two children. She was the boss of Wenzhou. It is also revealed that Zhou Libo's rich girlfriend Hu Jie has conceived Zhou Libo's baby, and Zhou Libo and Hu Jie are likely to marry each other. But for Zhou Libo and his ex-wife Zhang Jie's divorce, it's really like everyone knows it.