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Why do dreams always dream of the same person? What does it mean to dream of a person often?

original title: what does it mean to dream about the same person often

Four seas network synthesis: often asked a question, 'what does it mean to dream about the same person often?' in fact, everyone's dreams will have a large number of the same or similar elements, the most impressive of course is the event, for example, a person often dreams about someone's death, which is absolutely good to feel. Secondly, people, then environment. Often dreaming about the same person is also a little bit particular, because some people often dream about the same person, but never tangle, because that person is a relative around, for example, often dreaming about children playing happily, who would be particularly surprised? No. Is there a sign? Yes!

Many people will say that it must be because they have been thinking about this person and this person. Some people will refute, because he will say, how can a dream be conceived? Which dream of yours is conceived first and then made? Chen Peng's dream interpretation tells you that both answers are reasonable, because there are both situations! You can't deny the conclusion that one plus one sometimes equals three, one plus one equals two, because there must be different premises to make the result meet the requirements. Here we firmly deny a conclusion: the so-called dream of the person means that the person wants to see you. For example, someone is dying and wants to see the last side of you. At this time, there will be telepathy leading to your dream of him. This premise has many preconditions, such as blood relationship or long-term love experience, and there is a farewell in the dream Think. In other cases, when you dream of Chairman Mao, Chairman Mao can't think of you, no matter how many times you dream of him.

Why do I often dream about the same person? That's my girlfriend. Now that I have quarreled and broken up, I still dream about her. And every time I dream about her, she always plays a gentle and kind side in my dream, which is a good side. When I was looking for answers on Baidu the day before yesterday, I dreamed that she took me back to see her parents last night.

When this netizen asked Chen Peng to explain his dream, the answer I gave was that there was some idealism in emotion, which was not conducive to feelings. Because the young man mentioned a "dream" every time, which means that the number of times has been a lot. So many times, he dreamed of his ex girlfriend's good, but he didn't act, because the other side was still "ex girlfriend" , then, how can there be a positive future? In addition, he was brought back by her to meet his parents in the dream. That is to say, subconsciously, he felt that he must meet the requirements of the old man for his son-in-law, her choice for men, and he felt that he was good enough, so he pushed the quarrel to the other side. I can't find the problem, I only know that the other party is good, I just think I'm good enough. If no one instructs him how to solve the problem, it's difficult for the end to develop in a good direction.

What kind of 'often dreaming about the same person' is because of missing?

1. This person is related to you by blood.

You think about him, you remember him. It is common for couples who are in long-distance love or separated from each other. There is a family member who is on a business trip. Parents think about children, children think about parents, brothers and sisters. This kind of situation is the first one. It belongs to the situation of being afraid of something, or having something on your own, or having a premonition that something will happen after a kind of implicated plot and having a dream influence on the dream. This is what Chen Peng repeatedly reminds me that continuous dreams are because dreams urge you to solve problems.

2. This person has a deep friendship with you.

It is common among colleagues, classmates and friends. It can be shown when they have a premonition that something is wrong with each other or their life is not satisfactory and they are eager to use "friendship" to heal their wounds. Including the dream to return to the classroom, in fact, the subconscious wants to put themselves in that environment without special philistine to heal. Unfortunately, many people dream to return to the campus, see their classmates, but immediately fall into the exam they don't like. If the person in the dream is someone you hate, and he always does something you hate in the dream, it's obvious that you are making a fool of yourself.

3. Dream of an impressive character after lingering, continuous dream.

Many people will tell Chen Peng how he always dreams of this villain, or this villain, or that handsome man. In fact, the villain, the villain, the villain, the villain, the villain, the handsome man in the dream hasn't been seen in reality, but the dream has always existed. We know that the problem hasn't been solved, and the subconscious or the metagod actually cares about it, so the dream goes on.

What kind of 'often dreaming about the same person' is a reminder of events?

1. When a stranger in a dream explains something to you again and again.

You need to be careful here. When this happens in some dreams, it's because the person tells you where to go or what to do. If this place is where you can go in reality, and this is not against the law or against the morality, then do it, because it may be a good thing to come. This kind of dream needs to determine whether the person in the dream is malicious or kind.

2. When the person in the dream comes out to trick you every time.

In ancient times, this kind of dream would be included in the custom that you met the "mischievous ghost". As the custom says, when some people encounter a ghost fighting against a wall, there will always be a ghost scattering sand at them. That's also a naughty ghost. A naughty ghost is just a kind of ghost that jokes with you. If you encounter this kind of problem, you can only wear the exorcism articles that don't let ghosts and evils get close to you. If the person in the dream knows and understands in reality, but in fact, there is no intersection, such as things, alumni, stars, netizens, etc. What the dream expresses is that you are in a bad time at present, so you need to find a breakthrough to improve your fortune.

3. When the person in the dream doesn't interact.

Although I often dream of him, he doesn't need to mind if he is just a passer-by. For example, when we go to work, we have to go through a lot of passers-by, such as security guards, traffic police, salesmen, neighbors, etc., whose existence is a part of the society and an element of your life circle