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Pepper live march into 2017 red packet War 100 million red packets strength should not be underestim

Robbing red envelopes and watching the Spring Festival Gala become necessary items for the Spring Festival every year. On November 11, pepper live broadcast announced the launch of the "100 million red packets" plan: during the Spring Festival, red packets worth 100 million yuan will be issued, with the maximum amount of a single red packet reaching 1888 yuan. In addition, dozens of stars, such as Zhang Jike and Wang Zulan, gave out 10 million red envelopes, and Zhou Hongyi, chairman 360 and pepper live investor, also gave 10 million red envelopes. A situation of tripartite confrontation between the Chinese and Korean QQ, which is a platform for the strong red spring war. After the WeChat's withdrawal, the pattern of the pepper planting, the Alipay, and the three pillars stand out this Spring Festival.

Pepper live 100 million red packets plan to set a number of records Zhou Hongzhao throws 10 million back to users

According to, recently, pepper live broadcast officially announced the "100 million red packets" plan. From January 27 to February 2, pepper official will release 100 million yuan red packets, of which the maximum amount of a single red packet is 1888 yuan, a record of the amount of a single red packet on each platform in the past years. During the activity, users only need to share the new year's Eve video to their friends' circle, that is, they may get a cash red envelope worth 1888 yuan.

In addition to the 100 million red packets officially distributed by pepper, Zhou Hongyi, a pepper live investor, will spend 10 million yuan in the Spring Festival to give back to users and anchors, setting a record for the highest amount of red packets. In addition, dozens of first-line stars, such as Zhang Jike and Wang Zulan, will start live broadcasting during the Spring Festival, sending more than 10 million red envelopes to fans. At the same time, pepper anchors will also give bonus packages to fans.

Live broadcast march into the battle of red envelopes subvert the original pattern

Pepper live broadcast is the first platform in the live broadcast industry to join the Spring Festival red packet war. The most eye-catching keyword of the past year is' live ', which has changed people's social and life style. The pepper live broadcast entered into the red envelope war, bringing more new playing methods, and fully showing the strong interaction, strong social and other attributes of live broadcast, subverting the form of Spring Festival red envelope.

This year, WeChat announced that it had withdrawn from the war of red packets. The focus of the red envelope war was between the three platforms of prickly ash, Alipay and QQ. Alipay, who had tasted the sweetness of last year's "five Fu", also announced that it would continue to play the red envelope game of "five lucky" this year, but the difficulty of "five Fu" was high and the amount of red envelopes was small. In addition, Alipay and QQ also launched a new form of red envelopes of AR+LBS this year, which was a burst of friends circle. However, due to the immature technology, it is more difficult to get red packets, and the user's enthusiasm has declined.

However, judging from the previous red envelope wars, all major platforms regard the Spring Festival red envelope as an important marketing opportunity. For the first time, the live broadcast of pepper in the red packet war cost 100 million yuan, and its strength can't be underestimated. A situation of tripartite confrontation between WeChat and Alipay officially entered the new pattern of the three pillars of pepper, QQ and Alipay.