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Fight for red envelopes in 2017 Spring Festival: QQ red envelopes playing like this

Half a month before the Spring Festival, the annual battle of red envelopes will begin again.

Today, QQ officially announced the 2017 Spring Festival QQ red envelope strategy. Yin Yu, vice president of Tencent, said that QQ plans to cooperate with brand partners and stars to distribute a total of 250 million cash red envelopes and 3 billion yuan card voucher gift packs. The sponsorship brands include Pepsi Cola, Watson, and random notes.

Users can receive QQ red packets in the following three ways.

Lbs + Ar red bag

The popularity of Pokemon Go has made people discover the charm of LBS games. This year's Spring Festival, LBS red envelopes will become the highlight of Alipay and QQ's red packets war.

Tencent said that there are three types of LBS + Ar red packets: business red packets, star red packets and personal red packets. Among them, business red envelopes and cash red envelopes will be distributed in various regions of the country from January 20. The specific playing methods are as follows:

Go to the 'red bag placement point' within a radius of 120 meters;

Click red packet to open the camera;

Take one out of three red envelopes and have one chance to draw cash.

In general, the playing method of personal ar red packets is the same, but each user has two opportunities to draw red packets. The distribution object of red packets can also be limited to specific friends, discussion groups or group friends.

Brush a red bag

From 7:00 to 12:00 on New Year's Eve, users will have the opportunity to receive cash and coupons after swiping the QQ message list page.

Tencent revealed that this year's "swipe and swipe" has made some upgrades, which will bring more surprises.

Face to face red envelopes

During the activity, open the QQ client of mobile phone and click "face to face red packet" to send red packets to relatives and friends face to face. The other party only needs to scan the red packet QR code to receive. With this function, young people can directly scan the code to receive red packets when they go to the elder's home for new year's greetings. This is to subvert the rhythm of red packets.

QQ has taken the lead in Alipay today and released the rules of the Spring Festival red envelopes. Alipay will also play the red envelopes in the Spring Festival on January 13th (Friday). Besides the LBS envelopes, sponsors, the retailers and catering brands who enter the word of mouth network may also become the source of the key red packets.