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Don't let red envelopes become a bad habit

Please don't vulgarize the folk custom of "red envelope" into the bad habit of red envelope!

We all know that Chinese people have the custom of sending red envelopes, but in the past, this red envelope can not be sent casually. Generally, it's a kind of auspicious blessing for the younger generation when it's on New Year's day. The old people will pack a few yuan for the children and give it to the children to show a kind of auspicious wish for the younger generation.

But now, 'red envelopes' are flying all over the world, with parents and children sending red envelopes, relatives sending red envelopes, villagers sending red envelopes, colleagues sending red envelopes, strangers sending red envelopes, businessmen sending red envelopes, & hellip; & hellip;, as if there is only money, the red envelopes can be sent as they want, and those who want to send them can be sent as they like.

Therefore, a "red envelope" folk custom is completely vulgar!

This red bag is no longer a blessing, but in the name of blessing, it has become a taste of "solicitation", "bribery", "corruption", "discrimination", "comparison" and "showing off wealth".

When everyone in a society is willing to 'get what you want without work', 'take advantage of what you have' and 'do what you want with money', in fact, it's not far away from home to break people's lives and defeat the country and the people!

When others give you money at will, please have a little backbone and say 'no'. Never open your eyes to money. Your eyes are even red than red envelopes. You should know that this is a blessing from the elders to the elders, a kind of love from the strong to the weak. Please live with some dignity.

Of course, please don't give your wallet to others at will, which is often an insult and disrespect to others.

Please don't vulgarize "red envelopes" into a bad habit in China.